5 Reasons to Use Virtual Desktop Windows 10 For Your Business (And the Use Cases)

Enterprises have embraced the shift from regular working to remote, and now to hybrid; finding ways to overcome IT challenges has become a part of the horizon. Since companies have moved their workforce to a hybrid work mode, it has created a breeding ground for hackers and cybercriminals.  

Individual home networks and personal computers are more vulnerable and lack security measures as compared to a managed company network. Therefore, IT leaders need a solution that facilitates their hybrid work and fits in their modern workplace.  

Virtual desktop windows 10 is the go-to for firms looking for a way to implement an efficient hybrid work model. As 69% of workers use their personal devices for work, it makes endpoint security and user identity access management top concerns. 

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Why Do Enterprises Need to Have a Cloud-first Approach With WVD? 

Whether the workforce works remotely, hybrid, or from mountains, enterprises need to be sure that they have efficient resources to be productive from anywhere. Having VDI on virtual desktop Windows 10 offers a new approach toward simplifying IT management and accelerating cloud adoption. 

According to Statista, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has seen significant growth after 2019. It has become one of the most preferred virtual desktops as a service solution in 2020 and 2021, with 26.35 and 26.92 percent of respondents indicating such, respectively.  

What Makes Virtual Desktop Windows 10 Different from Other VDI Models?  

This blog explains why enterprises started opting for WVD as their managed virtual desktop infrastructure and why it has seen growth in the last few years. 

1. Windows Virtual Desktop Windows 10 offers unparalleled cybersecurity 

Virtual desktops on windows 10 deliver leading-edge security wherein businesses can easily manage their distributed workforce by keeping the digital environment safe. WVD implements identity management tools, role-based access control, and zero-trust infrastructure to secure company information. From a business leader’s perspective, virtual desktop windows 10 has a hardened security structure to detect threats and take a proactive approach. With 17000+ users, ACE understands the value of virtual desktop security. 

How Safe is Your Data with ACE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

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ACE virtual desktop on Windows offers a faster recovery system through built-in backup features and rolling data backup. Our team assesses data across networks and reduces the risk of security breaches by identifying malicious user behavior.  

As a result, you can proactively safeguard sensitive corporate statements, address user security dangers, and develop a scope of valuable insights. 

2. Managed Windows Virtual Desktop Windows 10 breaks down mobility barriers  

Windows virtual desktop is a managed solution, so hardware upgrades are not your headache. Moreover, you get enhanced remote access with WVD. For companies with massive workloads, virtual desktops on Windows deliver higher-level scalability and comprehensive management as it becomes easier to add new users and prepare for the hybrid workforce. 

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3. Streamlined user experience with Windows virtual desktops

Today’s work environment involves the BYOD model, which is difficult to achieve with employees spread across the globe. With virtual desktop windows 10, users get the full functionality of applications even when on low-spec devices. Managed WVD caters to individual employees’ needs by offering a customized user experience with windows 10 features like outlooks search, MS Teams, and more. Overall, a virtual desktop on windows eradicates complexities while updating your technology stack.

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4. Windows Virtual Desktop optimizes cloud spending 

Virtualization isn’t new technology for big-budget firms. However, the costs of in-house virtual desktop solutions were a barrier for small to medium firms. When deploying on-premises virtual desktop solutions, firms have to build data centers to house servers and accommodate projected dynamic growth. As a result, CAPEX is high. 

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With Windows virtual desktops, businesses can pay monthly for resources consumed. Thanks to virtual desktop windows 10, the companies get predictable pricing based on a subscription model so users are not entitled to any front head costs and maintenance charges. Moreover, you get a scaling benefit that ensures all users get virtual desktops deployed on existing endpoints without delay. 

With a WVD infrastructure, firms can:  

  • Evade considerable upfront financial burdens and complex deployment plans  
  • Streamline IT hardware and software for the workforce to meet dynamic business requirements  
  • Cover peak loads with pay-as-you-go, model 

5. Unlock the potential of hybrid work in your organization    

 Windows cloud desktops bring about a radical change to end-user satisfaction, delivering a perfect vision for IT admin. With low maintenance and IT hassles, users get a comprehensive view of all metrics and user controls. With multi sessions on windows 10, businesses get end-user support, admin efficiency, user productivity, and time-to-time support to manage their hybrid workforce. 

Reinvent your workplace with managed Windows Virtual Desktop

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3 Common Use Cases for Virtual Desktops Windows 10  

ACE managed windows virtual desktops support you to unleash a new range of possibilities for your enterprise. But how would you know whether it’s the right time to go for WVD? Here are the top 3 use cases of windows virtual desktops:  

  • You’re going for a flexible work model

When it comes to the increased need for a hybrid workforce, businesses tend to invest more in hardware and software for the employees who sometimes work from the office and sometimes from home. With virtual desktops deployed on windows 10, you get a secure and consistent workspace for your employees that’s accessible via any device, on any network. 


Industries are adopting hybrid work to capitalize on the advantages it can drive. This WVD model is a significant way to attract remote talent, facilitate employee productivity, and achieve a competitive advantage. But this shift comes with a range of costs and challenges. To ensure that the employees are productive from anywhere, they need to have consistent experience while accessing digital resources without disclosing data to a raised cybersecurity threat. 

With ACE-managed virtual desktops, every user, be it hybrid or remote, get the flexibility to work with one-click access from any device and without facing slow connection, downtimes, or internet outages. This ensures that the experience is consistent and unified without high latency or jittering caused by slow mobile networks. 

  • You have a massive workforce with dynamic needs 

Businesses are striving to achieve greater agility to support their temporary, newly acquired, seasonal, and contract-based employees. With windows virtual desktops managed by ACE, you can quickly deploy virtual desktops and add or remove users within minutes without incurring additional costs.  

To get a competitive advantage, businesses need to facilitate the onboarding process. This gets easier with virtual desktops when you can rapidly provision apps and desktops for them in a matter of minutes, and shut them down when they’re no longer required.   

Better yet, business leaders can leverage the benefits of hybrid cloud deployment by having cloud-hosted apps, desktops, and any on-premises workloads. You need to prepare for business continuity in low times

  • You need to prepare for business continuity in low times

Businesses must fight against security breaches and cyber security threats when employees work from different cities or countries. Moreover, businesses need a contingency plan so unplanned disruptions can’t hit business-critical processes at any point in time. 

Windows virtual desktops ensure business continuity at the time of disaster. With rolling data backup for your data even in times of disruption with extra layers of security, you can now protect your corporate data with our multi-layered security and reduce the chances of cyber-attacks. 


Get virtual desktop windows 10 solutions for a modern workforce 

Windows virtual desktop is a sought-after solution that streamlines remote work by enabling you to access virtual desktops and apps from any location on any device. The ACE-managed virtual desktop solution helps organizations optimize their remote work by simplifying costs and eradicating complexities.  

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Make your way to a cost-effective and secure virtual desktop solution with additional benefits for your business. ACE not only gives you an enhanced user experience but also brings in security and cost savings: Here are some more advantages: 

  • Strengthened security for a remote workforce, authorizing businesses to meet stringent compliance measures, safeguard data and ensure next-level business continuity 
  • A centralized solution creates a productive workforce by reducing workloads for IT teams 
  • Increased device lifecycle through virtual desktops as it can be deployed on any existing thin client 
  • Enhancing digital experience supports cross-platform functionality and improved manageability 

Finding ways to get ready for a post-pandemic state of growth? Take the benefits outlined above with ACE windows virtual desktops. Get in touch with our experts, who can guide you through every step toward utilizing WVDs in your workplace. 

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