Last updated on July 13th, 2022

Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop are the top players of the VDI industry, occupying 67%  of the market share. If you plan to deploy cloud VDI solutions in 2022, you may need to consider a few parameters. 

What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)? 

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Is a virtualization technology that delivers virtual desktops and applications for multiple users to access from any location. 

It is a cloud-based application solution configured with Azure Subscription. WVD optimizes the Microsoft 365 enterprise applications running with Windows 10 and Windows servers. 

The Microsoft VDI delivers an easy path for updating your infrastructure. Thus, it lowers data center expenditureIT leaders can connect end-users to virtual app and desktop resources from any device. 

What is Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops? 

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop is a virtualization solution that offers enables businesses to work anywhere and on any device with virtual desktops and applications. It’s workspace software that delivers top-notch security while managing multiple devices. Citrix VDI enables administrators to execute network management. Along with IT control, it tracks virtualized desktops from a data center. 

Here’s a comparison to make a good VDI investment decision in 2022.
Windows Virtual Desktop Vs Citrix

Citrix Vs. Windows Virtual Desktops – Things to Consider 

  • Cost Efficiency 

It is often the win-or-lose factor in contending between Citrix or Windows Virtual Desktops. WVD is a low-cost solution with no additional costs. 

All you’ll need to do is get an Azure subscription and a Microsoft 365 license depending on your underlying infrastructure. Here, another benefit is that there is no requirement to set up a Citrix license, so Microsoft VDI works out cheaper per user. 

You will require a Windows server operating system to set up Citrix virtual desktops. Also, consider hardware and infrastructure costs, thereby increasing the enterprise deployment expenses. Once the implementation is done, it starts to drive mobility. Windows Virtual Desktop scores better than Citrix, thanks to its pricing clarity. 

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  • End-user Experience 

User experience is where you will observe a significant difference. As per Reddit user reviewsCitrix VDI is better than Windows Virtual Desktop. Thanks to its bandwidth optimization element to run apps. In distinction, WVD is PowerShell-based Windows 10 for more cutting-edge applications. 

Conceding this, Microsoft has even revealed Citrix as an associate in the VDI market. Microsoft offers a more robust infrastructure in Azure, but Citrix rolls down to bring incomparable app performance. 

  • Prerequisites Conditions 

VDI is entirely remote and counts on virtualization. 

On the other hand, Microsoft VDI depends on a Microsoft Azure subscription, handled entirely by the business. You can host on remote virtual machines but not on other public clouds. In other words, it’s more uncomplicated but less adaptable. 

Both Citrix and Microsoft commit well, depending on your enterprise demands. 

  • Enterprise security 

VDI is used for multiple teams, especially for businesses. Enterprises deploy Citrix cloud and Windows desktop to measure corporate information security. Windows Virtual Desktops manages network and application security. Also, it keeps identity & access control, just like Citrix. 

However, WVD emphasizes security standards, including a secure virtualization control plane or reverse connect. 

Our Verdict- Citrix Vs. WVD 

Both WVD and Citrix are future-oriented virtual desktops solutions. Citrix offers a higher degree of flexibility, security and optimizes capital expenses for firms. 

As a strategic partner of Citrix, Ace offers Citrix hosted desktop. Managed VDI is an excellent solution for delivering a desktop experience in the cloud when users work remotely. 

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