Top Factors That Affect Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) Pricing

Companies using physical desktops have to invest a substantial amount on bulky servers, hardware like LAN cabling, and high-end workstations. To cope with the high price of physical desktops, hosted virtual desktops evolved in the market due to their nominal pay-as-you-go pricing structure offered by the cloud providers.

The current market scenario shows that virtual desktops are expected to have a CAGR of 27% during the period 2016-2023. The primary reasons for the growth of hosted virtual desktops are the lost cost and anywhere-anytime access, which physical desktops lack.


Though hosted virtual desktops have decreased business costs with a flexible pricing structure, there is a need to understand the pricing factors. Let’s look at some of them.

Factors Affecting Cost of Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted virtual desktop pricing depends on virtual desktop configuration, team size, cloud provider you select, and additional services providers offer like auto-adjustable bandwidth, auto-backups, active directories, or security policies. Let’s look at these in detail.

Virtual Desktop Configuration

Certainly, it depends on what you as a customer are looking at in virtual desktops. Hosted virtual desktop price always depends on the CPU requirements like storage, memory (RAM), and GPU (Graphics processing unit).

For example, Ace Cloud Hosting starts the HVD plans and pricing from $30 per user per month. The basic plan offers 5GB RAM and 50 GB storage which is shared amongst five users. Hence, if you scale up or down the configurations, pricing will change accordingly.

Team Size

The number of your virtual desktop users is another factor that decides the price of HVD. You may be a small, medium, or large business and have a variable team size.

HVD providers charge you according to the number of users you will take from them. You can always scale up or down the resources according to your requirements, resulting in variable billing.

Provider Selection

Every provider has something unique to offer, which defines their pricing. One provider may provide you with backup services, disaster recovery services, or auto-backups inclusive of their plans resulting in a higher price band. In contrast, others may offer you the same services exclusive of their plans resulting in a lower price band.

Moreover, pricing also varies if a provider offers you round-the-clock support to solve your technical glitches. Many providers also offer you free trials and consultations before taking their services which defines their brand value.

Additional Services

There are a lot of other features offered to you by the providers, due to which HVD price may vary a lot.

Let’s look at some of them briefly.

Auto-adjustable bandwidth

There are two types of bandwidth: Ingress, which means max/min download speed, and Egress, which means max/min upload speed. Some providers offer you auto-adjustable bandwidth where backend software stabilizes the speed of virtual desktop running on a 4G network or unstable wifi network.

Hence, this feature provides you with a great experience on a virtual desktop even if you have a low-speed internet connection.

Automatic backup

Few providers offer rolling backup, which is regularly stored in their cloud data centers. You pay for the virtual desktops according to your storage requirements and the number of days you want the backup to be kept in the data centers. This feature helps to restore your data in case of any mishaps or technical glitches.

Active Directory

Active Directory is a type of service where a user database is managed from a panel. It helps connect particular users to their designated resources. Many users or enterprises have their Active Directories, and many of them may not have them. Hence, if you ask your provider to create ADs, it may impact the pricing of your hosted desktop solution.

Security Policies

Security is one of the crucial factors to keep your data secure from cyber threats. Every enterprise looks for customized security policies. You get an option to select amongst so many of them like multi-factor authentication, DDoS protection, OS patching, OS hardening, copy-paste restrictions, and many more with HVDs. Hence, security policies also determine the costs of your solution.

Regular maintenance

Some providers offering entirely managed services may take care of software updates and license renewals included in their plan. In comparison, some may charge you extra for license renewals.


The cost of hosted virtual desktops depends on your requirements and customizations. Your provider will create unique pricing tailored according to the features you opt for.

Switch from physical desktops to hosted virtual desktops and decrease business expenses.

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