Hosted QuickBooks: A Perfect Match For Legal Firms

Legal firms face diverse challenges on a daily basis, whether it is adhering to the changing laws, managing clients, or regulating costs. Hence, it is essential for firms to streamline their internal processes, the most vital being accounting.

QuickBooks is an advanced accounting solution that takes care of critical accounting tasks, such as billing, expenses, and reporting. However, hosting it on the cloud offers your accounting process with cloud capabilities.

Let’s see how hosted QuickBooks is the perfect solution for your legal firms.

Hosted QuickBooks: A Perfect Match For Legal Firms

1. Improved Accounting Workflow

The legal practitioners need to be out of the office for most of their day, be it attending courthouse sessions or client meetings. This leads to travel and other expenses that need to be managed by the law firms.

With QuickBooks on the cloud, legal practitioners can add their expenses in real-time, reducing errors and streamlining the accounting process. Moreover, it also enables your accounting team to access QuickBooks from any remote location at any time, offering them a flexible working environment.

2. A Multi-app Platform

Along with QuickBooks, legal firms also require other applications for customer management, time tracking, human resources, among others. However, you need to upgrade your office desktop regularly to facilitate multiple applications.

Hosted QuickBooks providers offer you a High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform with parallel processing capabilities. Hence, you can work on all your applications simultaneously without worrying about performance issues. Hosted QuickBooks gives you a complete IT solution for your legal process.

3. Secure Operations

The accounting department of a legal firm deals with some confidential customer information, such as credit card info, addresses, and social security numbers. Hence, they need to ensure complete protection of the accounting data to prevent data breaches and data loss.

With hosted QuickBooks, you get an advanced security infrastructure for your QuickBooks. The providers ensure data security at the physical, network, and server levels. The data centers hosting your data are secured with CCTV surveillance and biometric scanning. Moreover, the data transmitted to and from the remote servers is encrypted to avoid any data breach attempt. Also, the provider’s security team monitors the network 24/7 to identify and mitigate any cyber threat.

4. Unlimited Data Storage

The legal firms need to process loads of accounting data on a daily basis, which only increases over time. Hence, they need to deploy backup server(s) on the premises, leading to extra costs and issues.

Hosted QuickBooks providers offer unlimited storage space to store all the accounting data. They take backup of all your data on a daily basis so that you can recover any lost data easily without any human intervention.

5. Unparalleled Support

Hardware issues can happen at any time, hampering the productivity of the accounting process. Moreover, as every piece of hardware has a shelf life, they need to be replaced and maintained regularly by the local IT team. Hence, the IT team should always be present at the premises, leading to additional costs.

Hosted QuickBooks providers offer you round-the-clock support via multiple platforms, such as call, chat, or email. They have a team of skilled professionals who are well-equipped to troubleshoot all your issues with ease.

6. Instant Scalability

As your legal firm grows and you onboard more clients, your accounting process should also scale accordingly to facilitate billing, invoices, and time tracking. This calls for more data storage and additional resources for your QuickBooks Desktop software, requiring upgrading the existing IT infrastructure regularly.

Hosted QuickBooks is a flexible cloud platform that can be scaled according to the changing accounting needs. You can get in touch with the provider’s support team, and they can change the configuration accordingly. In the future, if you want to scale down your process, it can also be done easily.

7. Reduced IT Hassles

When you deploy a server, whether operational or backup, for the accounting process, it requires constant maintenance by the local IT team; any negligence in this regard can cause data loss or downtime.

Hosted QuickBooks is a managed service where the providers take care of all IT tasks, such as hardware maintenance, replacement, and upgrades. It saves your time wasted in menial tasks, which can be put to better use.

8. Minimum Capital Costs

Installing QuickBooks on local systems has various costs associated with it. Firstly, you need to purchase the servers/ desktops in which QuickBooks will be installed. Secondly, you have to incur costs in replacing the defective or obsolete hardware. Also, an IT team must be deployed for hardware management, leading to more costs.

QuickBooks hosting eliminates the capital as well as operational costs for the legal practitioners. As the QuickBooks Desktop is installed on the cloud server, you do not need to purchase physical servers for your premises. Since the provider host QuickBooks, they take care of the hardware maintenance as well.

9. Customized Solutions

Every industry’s accounting needs are different, so are the needs of every firm within the industry. As a legal firm, you might need technical assistance to identify the right server configuration and service requirements for your QuickBooks, the absence of which can lead to wastage of resources.

The competent hosted QB providers have industry-specific QuickBooks hosting plans tailor-made for the legal industry. Moreover, you can also customize the server configuration and services as per the specific business needs. You will be charged according to the resources you utilize and not a cent more.

Final Note

Hosted QuickBooks is an advanced accounting solution for the legal industry. Opting it enables legal firms to get real-time information of all their expenses and reports on the go. It saves capital expenses and time that can be utilized in other critical functions.

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