7 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Technological advancements have allowed us to be connected more than ever before. Employees, today, are less likely to work all day in the office. Instead, they are distributed and mobile, working from different geographic locations. To stay productive, employees need complete access to their email as business communication can take place anytime and anywhere.

7 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange is the most preferred email server by the organizations across the world. It can be either installed on the local network or hosted online in the cloud. When hosted in the cloud, Exchange can be accessed from anywhere. Here are seven benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

1. Security

In case of a Hosted Exchange, the solution provider delivers the enterprise-level security to protect your communication against any kind of threat. The cloud security provisions are much better than the local security provisions.

In addition, Microsoft Exchange is compliant with all major compliance standards like ISO 27001, FISMA and HIPAA. The multi-layered filtering prevents spam emails from reaching your inbox, thus making it a secure option for your business.

2. Complete Scalability

Paying for something not needed for “future-proofing” has long been discarded by system administrators. Moreover, in the traditional system, you will run out of space at any point. And hardware or software upgrades can be a challenge with the costs associated with them.

In an Exchange Server Hosting solution, the pricing usually follows the ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. This is an efficient model as companies only need to pay for what they need. What if another user joins? Sign up and start paying for them.

3. Huge Savings

In terms of pricing, hosting an Exchange Server in the cloud is much cheaper than the local deployment of an Exchange Server. The cost to setup and maintain an on-premises Exchange Server includes the purchasing of infrastructure (server systems, Windows Server OS, other hardware, and software), cost of security solutions like firewall and antivirus, salaries of more than one Exchange Administrators, and a handsome amount to keep the infrastructure upgraded always.

With a Hosted Exchange solution, you just need a single Administrator, or you can yourself, manage the Exchange accounts. All other worries will be taken care of by your Exchange Hosting Provider. Even if you are already running an older version of Exchange, your Hosting Provider will help in migrating the users from on-premises Exchange Server to the upgraded hosted environment.

4. Increased Productivity

Hosted Exchange Server lets employees become more productive. The cloud providers employ certified and experienced engineers to manage its Hosting environment efficiently. As all backend operations are being taken care of, you get the time to focus on strategic initiatives which would generate revenue and help in the growth of the company, rather than just keeping the servers humming.

5. High Availability

Business continuity is an important consideration for any business. Cloud providers invest a huge amount to maintain infrastructure by leveraging redundant hardware and server clusters to make sure that the email is always available.

Additionally, trusted Exchange Hosting Providers have SSAE-18 compliant data centers and have adopted enterprise-level security provisions for physical security, server security, and data security. You must choose a vendor who is following industry-standard business continuity methods and SLAs to deliver 99.99% uptime.

6. Easily Accessible

Hosting of Microsoft Exchange lets you synchronize your data with devices such as a laptop, tablet or mobile. You can easily access your email, contacts or calendars anytime and anywhere.

7. Always Updated

With Hosted Exchange, your company will always have the latest and updated solution for email. Cloud service providers provide you the access to all the updates for an Exchange Server version whenever they are released. The hosting providers also help you in upgrading the existing Hosted Exchange Server, but only when it is really required.

Thus, Hosted Exchange Server is an ideal solution for the businesses as the service providers offer the enterprise-level security and Exchange Migration Services at a minimal cost. As their client, you just have to enjoy the seamless experience of the cloud technology.

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  • Jackson says:

    Microsoft exchange is perfect for business communications and if we can take it to the cloud and fetch emails from anywhere then what else is needed.

  • Lynda says:

    Great post-Renuka!
    This cloud option has truly given me more than just email from managing contacts to tasks status. My work is more organized and productive now.

    • Taylor says:

      Indeed cloud-based communication platform brings collaboration between employees allowing them to work on the real-time basis, improving work efficiency.

  • Martin says:

    Thank you for sharing this post!
    Adding to this, syncing data with mobile devices and application integration is also terrifically useful while using Microsoft exchange hosting service.

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