The Benefits of Cloud Computing for SMBs and Entrepreneurs

In simple terms, cloud computing is nothing but an extended use of data servers based on the internet. Until a few years back, everyone was dependent on the software downloaded on their personal computers or on a common server in their office for running a program or an application. In such situations, one was merely confined to a particular location.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for SMBs and Entrepreneurs

With the advent of cloud computing, this problem was resolved as it allowed us to access the same software from anywhere on the globe through the internet. This kind of computing application is spreading enormously and is becoming prominent day by day, especially amongst the small and medium enterprises. A report from CRN revels that by the end of 2014, small and medium businesses will invest around $100 billion in the field of cloud computing.

So what is there in this technological feat that is pulling businesses towards itself? Entrepreneurs and business owners are moving towards cloud computing because it helps in increasing the profit returns, makes the working more efficient and lets the users to access their data from anywhere on the globe.

Here are some of the advantages of cloud computing

1. Flexibility

As soon as the thought of expanding your network setup and bandwidth comes in your mind, cloud-based solutions will be something that would be advised by most of your partners and colleagues. Expansion of bandwidth and network setup is very easy and instantaneously accomplished with cloud computing because this technology deploys extensively vast remote servers. A survey conducted by Information Week revealed that 65% cloud users adopted this technology only because of its “ability to meet business demands”.

2. Disaster Recovery

Once your organization switches over to cloud hosting or cloud-based services, you no longer need to think about the deployment of additional expensive disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing manages most of the issues and that too without any delay. A report from Aberdeen Group states that the companies which depend on the cloud are able to sort out their issues in an average of approximately 2.1 hours; on the contrary, the non-cloud users are able to resolve their issues in around 8 hours. This clearly proves that the disaster recovery is approximately four times faster with cloud-based services. The same report also suggests that larger organizations take twice the time of smaller organizations to recover.

3. Software Updated Automatically

Unless and until your business depends on cloud-based services, you will either have to update the software yourselves or employee IT team to manage the same. In 2010, those companies of UK which did not use cloud spent 18 working days every month in order to keep their software updated for managing the on-site security system. Once you switch over to cloud-based services, it would be the responsibility of your service vendor to maintain the server and perform regular security updates. This will help you save a lot of time and resources which can be used in some other business-related activities.

4. No Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Cloud computing lets you save a lot of money. It is only possible because with this service you need not make any capital expenditure. You simply pay for what you use. Moreover, businesses do not have to spend much time while deploying this technology. This enables them to save a large sum of money due to minimal venture expenses and Operating Expenses (OPEX).

5. Collaboration and Co-Operation Increases Manifold

Cloud hosting strengthens collaboration and co-operation among globally distributed employees by allowing them to work simultaneously on documents and shared applications. Besides this, cloud-based services also makes the entire working scenario more sophisticated by letting the employees share critical updates in real time. Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey which states that companies which invest on cloud hosting experience around 400% Return on Investment (ROI).

6. Lets You Work from Anywhere

Cloud hosting of the data and files lets you work from anywhere. With such a system you no longer have to be confined to your official desktop. You can work even on the move. This service helps in increasing the productivity by increasing the efficiency. A study conducted by a well-known organization reveals that 42% of those who work would deliberately give away some part of their salary if they get an opportunity to work via telecommunication.

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