10 Features of ATX Professional Tax Software You Need To Know

With so many options to choose from, it can be quite energy-sapping for a tax preparer to select the right software. However, if you know the client’s taxes well and the features needed to fulfill their requirements, it could lead you in the right direction.

10 Features of ATX Professional Tax Software You Need To KnowATX, a product of Wolters Kluwer, is one such professional tax software used by various tax preparers over the globe. The software is easy to use with its interactive dashboard and the availability of a variety of forms needed for tax filing.

Let us see the features of ATX tax software in detail.

1. User Interface

The ATX software offers its users with a friendly interface with easy navigation capabilities. The ATX interface is designed in such a way that the preparers can work on three forms at the same time. It can be used by experienced as well as novice tax preparers as the interface is very intuitive and gives the feeling of filling up a physical form.

Moreover, you can also view the IRS instructions easily with not much navigation. With icons of some main features like Interview, CCH iFirm, and Check Return clearly visible on the toolbar, you do not have to search for options while using the ATX software.

2. Tax Compliance Form Library

ATX professional tax software offers an extensive library of local, state, and federal tax forms. The forms, such as 1040, 1040NR, 1065, 1041, 1065, and 1120 are included in the tax library. Moreover, a wide range of specialty forms like 5500, 706, 709, and 990 are also included.

The library is handy for tax preparers as they get what they are looking for in one place, which helps in efficient tax filing.

3. Interview Tool

The Interview feature is one of the most innovative and interactive features of ATX tax software. It allows tax preparers to fill out the tax return in a form that is designed like an interview.

Once the preparer fills the client’s return in the interview form, the information is automatically filled in the actual tax return form. Moreover, if the information provided by the preparer demands an additional form, it is added automatically to the interview sheet.

For accessing the Interview feature, click on the Interview button in the toolbar.

4. Tax Organizer

Tax Organizer is another handy tool that enables the tax preparers to add additional information to the open tax returns in the form of worksheets. You can request clients all the relevant data needed for this year’s tax return and update any information from the previous year’s return, like address or number of dependants.

You can choose the comprehensive organizer option if you want to send a more detailed worksheet to the clients. You can also select the options of Organizer Letter and Engagement Letter to send to the clients.

To add an organizer to the return, click on Forms > Organizer > Add Organizer.

5. Knowledgebase

The ATX knowledgebase provides information about all the ATX-related queries, including procedures and setup. It is an efficient way for users to get help with any issues regarding the ATX software.

The knowledgebase can be accessed by logging in to the ATX Solution Center. There you can see the Knowledge Library option. Knowledge Library contains information on all the ATX products, including ATX Advantage, ATX efile, and ATX PRS.

Just select any product of which you want the answers and type the query you wish to search. All the searches related to your query will be displayed. You can also filter your search by topic (Documentation, FAQs, Problem Resolution, How To).

6. Data Backup and Restore

ATX software includes the data backup feature to secure all the critical tax data. As a default, any tax return is backed up automatically as soon as it is closed. In addition, the Company, Payer, Billing, and Preparer/ERO information is also backed up automatically.

You can go to Preferences > Backup and Files to access the backup window. In the backup window, you choose the backup location and secondary location, and to disable the Automatic Backup option.

7. Client Letters

The tax preparers need to communicate with the clients requesting them information regarding the tax returns. ATX professional tax software enables tax preparers to create client letters based on their preferences. Moreover, you can also choose the templates already available and customize them accordingly.

To access client letters, go to Preferences > Client Communication.

In the Client Communication window, you can select among the different types of letters, and the forms (State/local, Federal) along with which you want the letters to be sent. Moreover, there are other settings like font size, font type, and paragraph selection.

Combine ATX with the Power of Cloud

ATX is a highly proficient tax software with all the features required for the tax filing process. However, hosting ATX on the cloud not only enhances its functionalities but also adds to it the flexibility of the cloud.

With ATX software hosting on the cloud, you get the added advantage of remote access, hassle-free tax data sharing, enhanced data protection, among others.

If you have any questions about ATX tax software, please let us know in the comments section.

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