[Expert Opinion] How to Attract Accounting Clients in 2024

In accounting world the key to success is attracting and retaining clients. Effective accounting marketing strategies can enhance visibility and build healthy client relationships, helping firms build long-term success in today’s competitive market.

Popular marketing strategies include search engine optimization, social media engagement, email marketing, event promotions, and client referrals. However, these strategies only work if they are implemented correctly.

It’s not enough to know what to perform or what it is; understanding how and when to apply these tactics effectively is crucial. Many firms struggle with this as they have great ideas but lack the know-how to execute them.

To help with this, Ace Cloud reached out to top accounting experts and industry leaders to get their insights on how firms can attract accounting clients.

Let’s understand their real-world experience and opinions that will provide a clear roadmap for success in 2024.

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Seth Fineberg


Seth Fineberg is an Accounting Industry Consultant, Editor, Content Strategist, and Speaker. He believes that learning and sharing knowledge that can improve someone’s life is the greatest achievement one can have. He spent years curating information on business operations, business technology, and trends.

Fineberg closely observed the transformation in the accounting profession over the past decade and also shared insights to help firms grow and better serve their clients. Connect with Seth on LinkedIn.

Let’s see what Seth says about attracting new clients and marketing strategies for accounting firms.

“While referral business has long been the main source of new business for accountants, these days, firms do need to consider offering more. From what I’ve seen, it has to be about meeting clients where they are at, as ever, but also a bit of “surprise and delight” in the form of higher-value services.

For example, cash flow forecasting and business or tax planning. Anything outside of the ‘traditional’ or expected. Different tiers of billing and service also go a long way, too. All of these things need to be present on your website, social media, and marketing efforts.”

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Rachel Barnett


Rachel Barnett has been a dedicated QuickBooks user since 1995 and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2012. She achieved her QBO Advanced ProAdvisor certification in 2023. After selling her bookkeeping business, Rachel followed her passion for supporting other professionals by founding Gentle Frog – a company designed to assist businesses with in-house bookkeepers or those opting for DIY bookkeeping.

Here is Rachel’s advice for CPA and accounting firms on lead generation, social media, and client retention. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

“Attracting new clients in the accounting field for 2024 is all about leveraging your online presence and networking. My two main sources of new clients are my YouTube channel and my blog. These platforms showcase my teaching style and expertise with QuickBooks, which is central to my business.

Getting referrals from existing clients is another easy and free way to promote your business. Always let your current clients know you have the capacity for an additional client or two. Referrals don’t always come from existing clients; they can also come from colleagues.

I make a point to get to know others in the industry because it alleviates loneliness and allows me to refer clients to them when appropriate. In return, they know my niches and can refer clients to me.

If you’re already on social media, consider interacting with your ideal clients using your business account. Commenting on and liking posts from their accounts is free, allows you to see what’s at the top of your mind for your ideal clients, and helps them recognize your business name. With any luck, they’ll visit your profile, learn about your services, and remember you when they need bookkeeping help.

If social media isn’t your thing, consider teaching. Many Small Business Development Centers would love to have a bookkeeper present a workshop. Associations in your niche might also welcome a webinar on bookkeeping and QuickBooks.

When attracting new clients, your first goal is to make them aware of your business; your second goal is to show them how you can help. When writing your social media posts and website copy, try to speak directly to your ideal client. For those unsure how to identify their ideal client, many resources are available online, like this one from SCORE.

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Becky Livingston


Becky Livingston is the Owner and CEO of Penheel Marketing, a New Jersey-based firm specializing in social media and digital marketing for CPAs. Having 25 years of experience in marketing and technology.

Becky has authored several influential books, including “The B2B Marketer’s Guide to AI: Strategies, Tactics & Tools for Success,” “SEO for CPAs – The Accountant’s SEO Handbook,” “The Accountant’s Social Media Handbook,” and “SEO Secrets, Myths and Truths to Being Found Online.”

Beyond her professional achievements, Becky is a dog lover, an active Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) member, an adjunct professor, and a HubSpot partner. Connect with Becky on LinkedIn and know more about her firm at Penheel Marketing.

Discover Becky’s thoughts and advice on creating a local presence and how events can help in attracting new customers.

“One strategy that I think is often overlooked (and overshadowed by social media) is your firm’s Google Business Profile. You can list up to 20 services on your profile, and it displays locally within a two-hour driving radius of your office location. Posting to the profile at least once per week can help boost your organic ranking to the top of the SERP.

Another strategy is to consider what you’re creating and sharing with clients, prospects, and leads. If that content does not directly support a business goal, reconsider creating it.

Finally, create an experience your new clients want to have. For example, if you’re trying to attract real estate agency clients, host an event at a coveted location (library, historic home, exclusive club, etc.) that would draw them to the event rather than just hosting it online. The event then becomes a nectar to draw in the bees.”

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From leveraging social media to building a local presence, asking for customer referrals to doing content marketing – all these strategies are crucial to build brand awareness and a loyal client base to drive business growth. Apply these tips, stay adaptable, and watch your accounting firm thrive in 2024 and beyond.

What are the strategies and tactics you are using in your business? What are the results? Share in the comments section.

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