5 Ways ACE Can Help New CPA Firms

Setting up and running a new business like a CPA firm is no child’s play. It requires patience, skill, and most importantly – an unwavering dedication. However, implementing apt technological platforms and tools within your organization allows you to ease your business-building journey and make it successful in a shorter period.

One such platform that can help with building up your business is cloud computing. Adopting cloud hosting services for your organizational operations enhances employee mobility and gives you a much better ROI.

5 Ways ACE Can Help New CPA Firms

But, with so many hosting providers out there, things can get somewhat confusing when it comes to choosing the best for your organization.

And that’s where Ace Cloud Hosting can help you solve all your cloud hosting dilemmas by offering one of the best cloud services.

Here are 5 Ways ACE can help new CPA firms.

1. Implementing Premium Security Measures

Do you know that since the novel coronavirus struck the world, there has been a steady rise in the number of cyberattacks as well? With over 4000 cyberattacks occurring in a day, illicit cyber-activity is a dreaded thing that can harm your business’s integrity as CPA firms have to deal with sensitive financial information and client credentials. It becomes further troublesome if you are a budding CPA firm as any unlawful access puts your customers at risk and leads them to question your firm’s credibility and eventually switch over to other firms.

However, investing in the cloud enables you to skillfully secure your data and also project a better public image before your potential customers. ACE deploys multiple security measures for protecting your data. We have a multi-tier security system consisting of software/hardware-based firewalls, multi-factor authentication, timely antimalware/antivirus scans, TLS 1.3 and 256-bit encryption, along with Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS). ACE also offers physical security features like constant CCTV surveillance and personnel verification via biometric authentication for further securing your data.

2. Providing Undisrupted Remote Access

The recent pandemic has made more and more firms switch over to remote working to continue their business operations. This has been a boon for multiple businesses as working from home brings in more productivity and reduces operational costs. It has also helped companies to expand their operational sphere and engage a widened customer base with minimal investment. However, one thing that continues to limit the mobility and versatility of remote working is the downtime.

Prolonged periods of downtime can severely affect your business and impede your firm’s efficiency. Since most accounting operations are time-taking and require precise calculations, any sudden downtime tends to disrupt your normal workflow process and decrease your organizational output.

ACE ensures an SLA-backed uptime guarantee of 99.99% and helps you cope with all the downtime-related hassles. This is made possible with efficient round-the-clock IT support and multi-redundant infrastructure.

3. Making Things Cost-effective

One of the greatest challenges that every firm faces while newly setting up their business is the cost. It requires substantial capital investments for renting/purchasing office space, procurement of office-related stationery, maintaining a clean and healthy working environment, and deploying an IT infrastructure.

ACE saves you from the expenses of setting up the IT infrastructure with its all-inclusive plans. We take care of everything from the deployment to the maintenance of the solution at an affordable price. They also offer industry-specific pricing plans for different organizational needs keeping your budget in mind. And, if you are a new customer, they offer some special discounts as well.

4. High-Performance Servers

When you have just setup your business, one of the critical factors for its growth is its operational efficiencyhow you quickly find new leads, complete the tasks before the deadline, and ensure a thorough errorless commitment in all your processes. Due to all the latest accounting software, CPA firms around the world have been able to bring in the desired efficiency levels and grow their business well. However, this is where things get complicated if you are still using legacy systems for your accounting operations.

Ace Cloud Hosting offers customized cloud solutions with high-performance computing servers and SSD storage for an enhanced end-user experience and a faster computational speed. This brings the much-needed rapidness and allows you to achieve higher efficiency levels.

5. Reliable Business Continuity and Data Recovery Measures

Adverse environmental conditions, physical theft, and human-made interventions like malware/viruses can harm your data integrity and cause considerable damage to your firm’s interests. This has caused various firms to shift away from local storage of data to cloud-based data storage.

ACE offers all the necessary data security and business continuity features along with Tier-3+/Tier-4 data centers established at strategic geographical locations. We also provide a 45-day rolling backup plan for emergency data retrieval and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) plans, which lets you access your data even if a data center is compromised due to a natural calamity.


ACE has established itself as a key cloud service provider in the USA with accolades like K2 2020 and 2019 Award for Customer Satisfaction, User Favorite Award by Accountex USA 2016 in the application hosting category, and Great User Experience Award 2018 by FinancesOnline. It is an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider and Commercial Host with benefits like top-notch data security, round-the-clock support, and high-performance computing. New CPA firms can enjoy all these, along with customized pricing and discount offers.

Wish to know how ACE can help you set up and grow your CPA firm? Get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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