[Video] 5 Reasons Why Your Accounting Firm Needs A Private Server

One question that most of the accountants have in mind these days is whether they should adopt a private server or not. Even though the response is obvious, the accountants still wonder about the advantages that a private server can offer them.

Having a private server is beneficial especially when most accounting firms are moving their assets to the cloud, mostly open cloud. A private cloud provides an accountant with loads of benefits like better security, more customization, cost-efficiency and complete control of the server.

Here is a video by Ace Cloud Hosting showing the benefits of having a private server for an accounting firm.

Let’s discuss these points in detail.

1. Multiple Application Support

Having a private server at your disposal ensures that your firm can host various accounting and tax applications like QuickBooks, Sage, ATX Tax Software, Drake Tax Software and many more on the same server.

2. Advance Security

A private server enables an accountant to get full control on access to his files and advanced security features like firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention System. It safeguards your data in such a way that it can never get corrupted or stolen.

3. Customization

With a private server, you have full power over your server. It gives you the freedom to customize the server as per the accounting needs. You can customize the installed software, add-ons, server specifications, among others.

4. Performance

A business is never interrupted when it is on a private server as the resources like RAM, processor, and storage is not shared with the other users. It ensures that the performance remains optimum even during busy times and business never stops.

5. Continuity

Heavy traffic can often cause public servers to slow down or crash, which hampers the performance and continuity of the business.

However, with dedicated bandwidth for your business, the business never stops. Also, the trusted cloud providers such as Ace Cloud Hosting deploy server redundancy. As a result, in case the primary server gets shut down, the backup server gets connected assuring that the business is running continuously.


A private server will not only help an accountant increase his productivity, but it will also provide the privacy and security of his/her data. Also, multiple application support will allow the account to access many applications simultaneously, ensuring better efficiency.

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  • Sia says:

    There is one brilliant thing about private servers that they never crash no matter how much the traffic. I experienced many crashes when I had hosted my ATX tax software on a public server. However, on a private server, I never experienced such a problem.

  • Alex says:

    Customization is one brilliant feature that stands out for me as with public servers it becomes impossible to customize the servers as per my wants.
    Great article nevertheless!

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