Accounting Apps Every Accountant and CPA Must Have

In this moving era of applications where every second innovation takes birth. There are certain great technologies which can offer great service to different professionals working in various sectors. There are specialized applications as well which are very specific to their expertise.

Accounting Apps Every Accountant and CPA must have

What CPAs and accounting professionals need is something which can really make their working experience easy and untidy. They need an application on which accounting tasks are very easy to handle and the security of the data is of prime importance. Applications that can cater to the toughest working processes easily yet achieve convenient outcomes in a short span of time.

Here are some great recommendations:


The 6-year-old software application is a great tool for creating financial content on the web. It includes preparing financial reports, creating memos, creating tax reports etc. This application from the time of its inception has been a great tool for handling financial tasks.

Users can upload important pictures, documents, reports, infographics, transaction records etc. and can edit them easily. The user experience is very friendly and easy to understand. Account professionals can easily work for hours, with the assurance that their data will be safely handled. The best part about Evernote is that you can access it anywhere on the go. It is available on almost all platforms and operating systems.

The other added advantage of this application is that it is very much affordable. It can work as a great boon for small startup’s, who cannot afford expensive software’s to run their business.

Just a word of advice, it works best when you enroll for a paid version. There are much more options available in the paid version.


If you are concerned about where to store your important financial documents on the cloud, then Dropbox is the answer to that. The 7-year old application was introduced to give people a space on the internet. It empowers its users by providing them a particular folder which can be accessed from anywhere via a smartphone, personal computer or a tablet.

The content will always remain the same in the same order. It is a great platform for financial professionals as they can easily store their important documents and can access them whenever they want to.

The best part about Dropbox is that, if the user accidentally loses important documents, he can easily recover them with Dropbox. Just keep the login details classified, and the ride will be smoother then.


The not so old news and information applications have made its mark from the time it came in the light. The thing that struck every eye was the way Flipboard presented the news to its users. It has an appearance like a magazine, where a user can read the next story by flipping the content.

Also, he can create his own personal Flipboard by selecting what he likes to read. The user interface of the application is very easy and attractive. It has been designed keeping in mind the usage periods of users.

If you are not interested in reading the whole story, then don’t you worry, Flipboard is what you need. It manages news story from all around the globe, in such a way that you can get the core of the news story without getting through the whole article.

Something More Helpful

The fact that it is so easily accessible also means that it will work well with business professionals as well. Mostly accountants and CPAs are occupied by financial tasks all day. By using Flipboard they can create a personal collection of news stories related to the business world and get through them within minutes. It will save their vital time and will help them to gain business facts and stats very easily.

That doesn’t end the recommendations here. These were the most fruitful options one can look at. Whereas there are some other options as well like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Wave and Quick office. These applications not only customize the working experience of accountants and

CPAs, but also tend to aid them in solving many business issues easily. Some of the tasks that can be easily done through these videos are attaching bank accounts with the cards of account holders and also providing the information to accountants as to when transactions take place.

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