Last updated on January 16th, 2023

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

– Albert Einstein

One of the most important and motivating compliments for an accountant is to be called a trusted advisor. It is a privilege, a coveted title that every accountant aspires to achieve once in his lifetime.

Everyone needs a trusted advisor in their life who can get them out of a rut in case they get stuck. The trusted advisor helps the clients by showing them a better way or a different perspective. They also enlighten their clients about the work that others are doing in their field.

The title of a trusted advisor is difficult to earn and can take a while to obtain, however, once an accountant achieves it, it can lead to a much stronger and better professional commitment.

So what traits or qualities does a trusted advisor possess? What are the characteristics that someone should adopt who is aiming to become a trusted advisor?

Here are a few common characteristics that anyone who is striving to become a trusted advisor or wants to maintain that status should have:

1. Listening Ability

A trusted advisor has the ability to listen to unvoiced emotions, tries to be in the other person’s shoes to understand the problem better, assesses the situation carefully, asks questions, and offers his unbiased views and recommendations.

2. Good Business Acumen

A trusted advisor gives sensible and sound advice to his clients taking into consideration all the problems. He/She also tries to find the possible solutions to the issues faced by the clients.

An accountant may know all the details of the accounting rules, but if he/she is not able to use them in real life, then there is no use of having the knowledge.

3. Takes Responsibility

A trusted advisor always takes the full responsibility for the outcome that is achieved because of the advice they offer to the clients. He/She does not play the blame game and tries to help the client in whatever way possible.

Moreover, a trusted advisor takes responsibility for whatever outcome comes because of the advice offered to the clients.

4. An Altruist

A trusted advisor is an unselfish person who believes in helping his clients instead of thinking about his own profits. He/she tries to become the client’s best friend and is honest with their words.

A trusted advisor does not put limitations on the value of advice they are providing to their clients and try to optimize the client’s process in any way possible.

5. Delivers on What Is Promised

A trusted advisor always tries to fulfill what he/she promises to their client and never backs away from commitments. They know that in order to create an emotional bond, it is necessary to deliver what is asked.

Achieving whatever is promised before the due time is one of the best ways to gain the client’s trust.

At the end…

Nowadays, people want someone who can be trusted and relied upon, someone who will not misuse their finances and personal details for their own benefit.

Here comes the role of a trusted advisor. A trusted advisor is an altruist who fulfills all the promises made to the client and takes responsibility for his/her actions.

He/she is someone with outstanding business acumen and can listen to the client’s problems and give an unbiased solution to their problem.

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