Breeze Through Tax Season 2023 By Accessing Tax Data from Your Home

The COVID-19 pandemic hit at the beginning of the year 2020. Since then, accessing tax data remotely and ensuring its security has been a major challenge for tax professionals. However, a desktop application lacks modern-day necessities such as remote access (a need since the pandemic started).

This is why tax professionals now host their favorite tax applications like Drake Tax Software on the cloud.

Drake tax hosting enables professionals to access their tax data remotely via the Internet. Also, security offerings by reputed hosting providers make it a foolproof solution. This way, hosting your Drake Tax Software on the cloud, you can take its pre-existing functionalities to another level and enjoy multiple benefits.

Here are the top benefits of hosting Drake Tax Software on the cloud which we will explore in detail:

1. Access your tax data remotely

The development of cloud services has now made it possible to access your data beyond the traditional workplace limitations. Instead of getting glued to your office desktops or laptops, you can use valid authorization to access your Drake Tax software from anywhere, anytime via the Internet.

This way, you can have a real-time view of your financial data and make informed on-field decisions. Furthermore, the hosted Drake Tax software interface is identical to its desktop version, which makes it easier to access and use on the go.

2. Secure sensitive data

Handling your financial data comes with an enormous responsibility. It would be best if you protected it from getting accessed without authorization. However, many businesses still use their Drake Tax software on conventional desktops which can easily be compromised and have limited security against modern hacking techniques.

Multiple security layers protect a hosted Drake Tax solution. These include modern anti-hacking measures like an IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention) system, multiple firewalls, network filtering, AI monitoring, and other latest offerings. These measures easily withstand sophisticated hacking attempts, keeping your data completely secure.

3. Your data is always available

Whether it is a cloud or a conventional desktop, it is bound to malfunction at some point in time. But, for how long? That is the main question. Unlike traditional desktop setups, a hosted solution can be accessed from any device, making it device-independent.

Moreover, a reputed Drake Tax hosting provider deploys several quality measures like N+1 parts availability, the latest cooling system, continuous power supply, and providing up to 99.99% SLA-backed uptime availability. For further continued data availability, your data is regularly backed up at several geographically isolated servers, from which you can retrieve it whenever you need.

4. Reduce your capital expenditure

Do you wish to incorporate the latest technologies without any considerable financial investment? With a hosted Drake Tax software, you can enjoy the full benefits of a cloud-based solution without any substantial capital expenditure. Instead of spending an immense amount of money setting up your cloud infrastructure, a third-party service is more economical.

You don’t have to obtain necessary components, hire IT experts, or other associated costs. Just assess your organizational needs and avail yourself of services from a reputed Drake Tax hosting provider for quality cloud experience.

5. Let your team collaborate better

There are times when tax professionals must collaborate to complete tax projects. They generally engage in a repeated file exchange via emails. It is exhaustive with redundant file copies, often causing confusion and affecting working efficiency.

But, with a hosted Drake Tax software, all they need is to share common access to the necessary files. All the stakeholders efficiently work together by accessing the data simultaneously. All the changes are reflected in real-time and can be traced back if needed.

6. Reduce your IT hassles

Face it; accounting firms are always looking for measures to ease their responsibility and make things easier. Drake Tax software streamlines your financial operations and management. However, its IT management is not hassle-free. It carries significant maintenance liabilities, with you managing every update/upgrade and repair cycle.

However, you are responsible only for the end-user devices with hosted Drake tax solution. Your cloud hosting provider manages the rest. Furthermore, if you don’t even want to concern yourself with the end-user devices, implement a BYOD policy, and your employees can securely access the data from their respective devices.

7. Scale rapidly

Tax professionals require more computing resources for workload management during the tax season. You have to permanently upgrade your RAM and storage in a traditional desktop setup. Also, any hardware component purchased is bound to go obsolete once new upgrades hit the market. Thus, you are often left with an outdated IT infrastructure that ultimately requires complete revamping.

By hosting Drake Tax software on the cloud, all you have to do is contact your hosting provider to obtain them rapidly. You can rent the resources at a nominal fee and scale down post the tax season.

The Bottom Line

Natural disasters and other occurrences also pose a threat to your data. It is almost impossible to recover from them with traditional desktop setups.

If you switch to Drake Tax Hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting, you will get round the clock unmatched support. Thus, even if you face any issue, you can contact them at any hour and they will assist you access to your data.

Get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 855-910-6927.

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