A Guide to Convert QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online

Mac OS is one of the most appreciated operating system for the computers. Developed by Apple Inc., a branch that has earned a reputation of being the best with their quality, Mac works wonders for Macintosh computer series. Not just the style factor, Apple’s computer series also flaunts amazing stability and features to work with.

For business, not willing to compromise on the quality, Mac has always been among the top favorites. Speaking of the business choices, another popular resource available in the computing world for them is QuickBooks. This business accounting software has been simplifying the accounting tasks since years.

A Guide to Convert QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online

So, QuickBooks on Mac is a perfect team for businesses. That was so true some years back, but NO MORE.

Coming to present, the cloud has changed the face of computing. Now only a few things depend on hardware as device-independency is the new talk of the town. That makes QuickBooks for Mac a not-so-smart choice for the business and QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Mac on Cloud comes up as a better choice.

Why Your Business Should Move From QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online

Adapting to changes can be willful or forced. Shifting to the cloud is not a forced adaption for the business, but a willing one for achieving better performance. Here are some of the benefits that come with cloud versions of QuickBooks:

No Device Restrictions: Even though Mac is among finest computer OS, it has some restriction with the future updates. Somewhere down the line, your machine will get old and outdated. QuickBooks cloud works without limiting to any certain device and hence, a better option.

Easier File Sharing: With Mac, sharing a file with different departments or CPAs meant a number of emails and creation of different versions for the same file. Such situation can invite a number of hassles and complications at times. Working on QuickBooks Online means the same file can be shared with different users and they can update it as per the need, which reduces the complexity in operations.

User Collaboration and Permissions: QuickBooks Mac can protect the files with permission restrictions, but it does not offer the real-time collaboration. QuickBooks Online comes with this feature and allows multiple users to work on the same file at the same time. It greatly increases the productivity and also improves the different user-permission controls.

How to Convert QuickBooks Mac Files to QuickBooks Online?

Accounting books are precious and they are to be kept for long. Therefore, a business cannot simply move to the cloud leaving the older files on any local machine. Unfortunately, there is a difference between the format of QuickBooks Mac file and QuickBooks Online file because of technical limitations and security needs.

So, a simple drag and drop will not work, but the good thing is that converting these files are possible and not a daunting task. QuickBooks experts suggest the following methods for converting a QuickBooks Mac file to QuickBooks Online file:

  • Converting File on Your Own: On an updated QuickBooks for Mac, chose File option and then select Export to QuickBooks Online. The conversion of files will initiate and once successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation mail.
  • QuickBooks Support for File Conversion: To avoid the hassles related with the conversion, a user can contact support. There are reliable third-party QuickBooks support services available in the market. If you are not technically versed, it is better chose a support service for safe file conversion.

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  • Smith says:

    I have been using a mac all my professional life. While it has been able to cope up with all my work needs I still opt for services that run online platform free. This is because my home computer is a Windows so most software on the mac won’t run on it. By opting for a browser based service I am able to get all my work done from the home PC without any hassle. These days with the smartphones coming in, I can even do it from my car.

  • Richard Atterbury says:

    QuickBooks Online offer much more than a desktop version of QuickBooks. With the remote and multi device access it provides you can be in touch with your accounting needs anywhere and at all times. Moreover you get good features like file sharing as well as multi user collaboration that makes teamwork more efficient between accountants.

  • Tim says:

    Personally I don’t like either of the two versions instead opting for the basic QuickBook pro desktop version for windows. By using cloud hosting I am able to access it remotely while at the same time I am free from the hassles of being restricted to a Mac. In my opinion dump both of these products and use the better windows version.

  • Peterson says:

    My company has been using apple products forever but there has been a change in the management and now they are giving us windows computers. I will be switching to the Windows version of QuickBooks as well but how can I use my old data that’s for Mac in the windows version?

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