6 Possibilities Cloud Industry Possesses in 2015

The shaping up of cloud industry has been going on for years now but the question is, when will it gain strength? Cloud technology that boomed in its initial years has been progressing steadily. The acceptance of cloud technology by organizations all around the world has become a priority rather than mere acceptance.

6 Possibilities Cloud Industry Possesses in 2015

To add to that cloud technology has shown a great growth in 2014, Forbes states that US businesses invested $13 billion on cloud technology last year. The cloud market will become a $79.1 billion industry by 2018. That clearly shows the impact of Cloud Computing on the largest economy of the world.

Let’s go through some possibilities cloud computing possesses in 2015:

1. Thriving towards a Greener Future:

Cloud computing has always been a great boon towards building a sustainable and a green environment. From the time it made news all around the world, cloud technology was appreciated because it ensured minimal usage of resources that cause greenhouse gases. Studies have shown that with the help of cloud technology, server cost has cut down by 60-70%; this definitely will have a great impact towards achieving a greener cause.

This trend will improve in 2015, more and more organization will opt for cloud computing and thus support green computing which is very much needed at the moment.

2. Cost Cutting will see a greater growth:

2014 was a great year for organizations that were new to cloud computing. The best possible benefit that these firms availed out of cloud technology was huge cuts in their operational costs. Cloud Computing has not only given a new dimension to various organizations but has also made their working pattern much easier. Stats suggest that in 2014, 82% out of total cloud technology users have benefited in cutting down their operational costs.

The very fact that cloud technology aids organization to minimize operational cost has encouraged many small scale firms to adopt this technology.

3. Budget Growth for Cloud Computing

In 2014 many organizations did gain from cloud computing, but due to the lower investment they could not gain all the benefits. It is expected that in 2015 majority of organizations using cloud technology will increase their investment. SMBs are likely to gain the most out of this process, as it will cut down their operational cost to a large extent.

Investment of cloud technology has shown great increase due to the easy availability of its services. There are some big players like SAP and IBM who are constantly in the lookout for growth opportunities by maximizing their investment in cloud technology.

4. IT cost will become minimum

Another major change that will continue to happen is the diminishing IT cost. Cloud computing has that power of minimizing IT cost for organizations. It reduces the usage of number of computers, hard drives and power consumption as well. Last year 14% out of total companies that are using cloud technology were able to reduce their IT operation cost.

In 2014 major IT players around the world used cloud computing and the number will double this time around.

5. Lots and Lots of Data

Cloud computing in its very few years has started a revolution of data storage on the cloud. Every small, medium and big organization which is availing cloud technology methods are very keen on storage. Though last year, there were many cases of data theft by hackers but the belief in cloud technology never took a bump.

Report suggests that by the end of 2015, total data storage on the cloud will exceed 1 Exabyte.

6. New Dimensions for Cloud Technology

The cloud technology storm took away many different sectors around the world. Sectors like pharmaceuticals and medicine have been trying to inherit cloud technology into their veins. Cloud technology possesses that quality of turning experiments into innovations. With the help of cloud technology medicinal cost has been controlled and better results have also been achieved.

But there are many more new dimensions open for cloud technology. It could be a great prospect for handling administration processes like storage of records and statistics on cloud, storing the evidences and confidential information as well. It could be of great use for the betterment of democracy.

Cloud technology is creating many employment opportunities as well; skilled analysts are in high demand around the world. It is becoming a booming industry where opportunities are ample and the scope of development is unimaginable.

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  • Edward Coleman says:

    Small businesses, already struggling in their respective market, are not really willing to make switch to these new technologies. It is not about their trust on the cloud. It is more about their trust on themselves.

  • Selena Gilbert says:

    While the cloud thing looks blossoming for the businesses, IT guys have a reason to worry. Their jobs are not safe with popularity of cloud. But the positive edge with them is- when a business is planning to shift on cloud, IT guys have the biggest say.

  • Philip Walton says:

    I don’t understand why the cost saving is added under the benefits of cloud services. On most of the occasions, the story is completely opposite. However, for the other features that it offer the pricing is reasonable. But saying that cloud computing is cost-effective is illogical.

    • AceCloudHosting Editor says:

      Well, cloud computing has usually proved to be a cost-effective solution in long term. Minimal maintenance and built-in security are major factors that contribute in saving money. For some cloud services, there may be some different results. For general consideration it costs lesser on pocket.

  • Hank Downey says:

    Cloud industry is overrated. 2015 is the last year for its glory and then on it will decline.

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