5 Essentials That Make Your Cloud Service Provider A Suitable Choice

Cloud computing has proved itself to be a very useful aide of a businessman. We all are very well versed with the benefits it has to offer. Cloud hosting has become a major driving force for businesses in the last few years. Even the people who have been petrified by technology (read accountants) are reaping its benefits in the form of tax software hosting.

QuickBooks hosting is at the forefront of this service. But when moving to the cloud, a big question that one faces is how to determine which cloud service provider is a good one. If you are one of the troubled souls, you have come to the exact place.

Here are 5 essentials that make a cloud hosting provider worth having.

1. Technical Know How

Believe it or not, implementing a cloud model is not an easy job. And this job becomes even worse when the technician is not well adept. When you are relinquishing all your data to a host you would expect him to be a pro at handling data and one with a sound technical knowledge so that your data remains highly secure and the services are exceptionally seamless.

So, while making a transition to the cloud keep in mind that your cloud service provider is technically very good.

2. Uptime Assurance

No one in this fast-paced and highly competitive market can accept server outages for long periods of time. This not only reduces productivity but also affects the business in a very bad way.

While zeroing upon a provider ask for uptime guarantees. Ask the existing customers of that provider about any earlier outages and the time it took to restore the servers. Anything below 99.99% uptime is a complete no-no.

3. Hassles Surrounding Migration

Moving to the cloud is a very big step for a firm. Adapting to the cloud remains a very big hindrance which diminishes with time, but migration is also a big pain if not adequately dealt with. With the full cooperation of the host, these hassles could be reduced to a bare minimum.

Make sure your QuickBooks cloud hosting provider provides you with all the services and tools required to make you transition a seamless one.

4. Customer Support

One of the biggest reasons for migrating to the cloud is the customer support of the service provider. Without that support, the cloud is not of much use. Ensure that your host provides a 24×7 support and the technicians are competitive.

5. Security

The only thing about which people remain skeptical regarding the cloud is security. It should be the top priority of the host and ask what all steps are being taken to make the servers secure. Also, ask if the data centers are well manned or not.

If you do not have much information regarding the security measures consult a tech expert because this step is highly crucial. Two things on which you cannot afford to compromise is the uptime and security. When you are confident with these two features then only move forward to additional services on offer.

These five qualities are a must have and without them, your cloud experience is bound to leave a bitter taste. Choose wisely!

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