2014 Sage SMB Accountants Implication Released

Living in a technology reliable world, accountants are still stuck into needless stack papers and in-person client meetings, which brings the production to halt. Cloud technology is time-saving, stress-free way to manage tasks proactively.

Sage says that the SMB accountants are way behind the times. According to the new Sage survey, only 10% of respondents in the country implement online services and the cloud for real-time client collaboration.

2014 Sage SMB Accountants Implication Released

Jeniffer Warawa, the vice president and general manager of Sage Accountant Solutions says that “Ten percent is a low number, and it is concerning”. The graph of adoption of the cloud services is not as expected. They even said that the businesses are moving at a faster pace than their accountants.

Small Business Accountants: Crowd on the Cloud

As the cloud technology is getting more popular with the time, Jeniffer Warawa noted that restaurants, cafes, independent stores and professional service providers are choosing cloud for the cost-efficient utilization of their business competitors.

The Missing Connection: Small Business Cloud Accountants

There remain some factors that hinder the client-accountant relationship as the clients are more in favor of real-time advice and not for quarterly or annual check-ups. Today’s SMB environment requires aspects such as promptness, responsiveness and accounting should function proactively.

Moreover, it is observed that by avoiding the cloud-enabled technologies the client-accountant relationship is affected as the productivity is not met according to the client’s requirements.

Small Business Accountants: Still Stuck in Past

As per the reports, most of the time of small business accountants is consumed in gathering documents. Cloud services help to get the transactions done productively through technology. It has also been seen in the report that many small business accountants are still mired in the past and are not capitalizing on this.

Nearly 60% of the accountants still work as the old methodology only. They are still in the nature of engaging in meeting with the clients and dealing with physical documents.

A New Turn on the Accounting Road

As more people are getting aware of the benefits of the cloud, SMBs seem interested in taking up Sage hosting and enhance their productivity in a stress-free manner. With Ace Cloud Hosting you get all the cloud services benefits to help you grow in a more organized way.

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