How To Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks In 2023

January 25, 2023 | 2 PM EST

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    About The Webinar

    Cybersecurity is the board room agenda of many organizations in 2023. Yesteryears’ security features are waning and threat vectors are continuously evolving to take new forms. This webinar will give you a technical under-the-hood view of unique capabilities that are needed to be factored in an optimized cybersecurity framework.

    Most importantly, critical cybersecurity insights will come from seasoned experts and industry insiders.


    In 60 minutes, we’ll cover a range of ideas to help you boost your cybersecurity strategies. The webinar will answer critical questions:

    Trending cybersecurity threats and challenges of 2023?

    Making the best use of AI and ML technologies to counteract cyber threats?


    Facilitating cybersecurity for expanding businesses with remote teams?


    Blocking sophisticated multi-vector attacks?


    Implementing cost-effective strategies to enhance ROI?


    Leveraging the power of managed security services for a multi-layered posture?

    Get Ready to Meet Our Expert

    Gregory Lowe | Webinar- Ace Cloud Hosting x CrowdStrike

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    About The Speakers

    Gregory Lowe

    Solution Architect


    Gregory has over a decade’s experience as a cybersecurity practitioner, and has been at CrowdStrike for two and half years. His certifications include all three CrowdStrike certifications, the CCFA, CCFR, and CCFH, as well as CompTIA’s Security+.

    Deepak Jain

    Head – Network & Security


    Deepak Jain is a cloud security expert with over 12 years of experience in system administration, information security, Cisco IOS, and networking. He is a certified ethical hacker (CEHv10) and an ISACA member.

    Mohit Kaul

    Assistant Manager – Sales

    Mohit Kaul has over 8 years of experience in helping clients find the perfect solution fit for their cloud and security needs. He regularly consults with senior technology and management executives to drive the integration of security practices and technology.

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