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QuickBooks Version Conflict – Enterprise Vs Premier Vs Pro

Issue: User is getting a ‘Window admin permission’ error while using QuickBooks despite adding the necessary script to restart the QuickBooks service and acquiring the proper permissions.

QuickBooks can brag about a myriad of versions, all effective in truth. Sometimes, to make the best of all worlds, users might install different version on the same server/computer, and that might totally inhibit their progress altogether. As they say, excess of everything is bad.

Note – This is the case where QuickBooks enterprise is already installed on the computer and the user installs any one out of QuickBooks premier / QuickBooks pro (same year as that of QuickBooks Enterprise) as well or vice-versa.

Example – We have installed QuickBooks Pro 2013 on the server while QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 is already installed on the same server.

 Reason: If you check the QuickBooksDB service corresponding to its year and right click on it, you will get the location of your QuickBooks Database.

By default, it is located in the “Intuit” folder which is a sub-part of the “Program data” folder found in the C Drive [Which can either be accessed through the desktop or through the “My Computer” option].

 Note – C:/ProgramData/Intuit.

QuickBooks Version Conflict

Now, in the case of QuickBooks enterprise, there is different folder i.e. QuickBooks enterprise solution 13.0 which is same in case of QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro i.e. QuickBooks File Manager 13.0.

QuickBooks Enterprise 14

So, this causes massive ambiguity as there is no proper segregation.


Option 1: While using QuickBooks, since the standard user is unable to switch between these two different folders, what you can do is provide admin rights to all users. This will mitigate the problem right from its root.

Option 2: Install QuickBooks Enterprise on a different server rather the one on which QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Pro is installed.

The latter is the recommended solution in my opinion. If you can get access to a separate server or a separate desktop, why not utilize it for a different QB version, rather than facing issues and lags by employing both the versions on the same desktop.