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How to reset QuickBooks company file login password (for non-admin users)

In case you’ve forgotten your password or need to restore access to your account. This guide will help non-admin users to reset their QuickBooks business file login credentials.

Learn how to reset QuickBooks company file login password (for non-admin users) by following the below steps:

  1. Launch QuickBooks and sign in as administrator.


  2. Click Company, then Set Up Users and Passwords, and finally Set Up Users.


  3. In the User List, select the user for which you want to change the password and click Edit User.


  4. Enter the new password and click Next.


  5. Provide access to the new user and click Next.


  6. Select Finish.


Benefit of resetting QuickBooks company file login password (for non-admin users):
The advantage of changing the non-admin user’s QuickBooks company file login password is that it enables them to recover access to their accounts, guaranteeing smooth operations and unhindered financial management. The additional protection protects sensitive information included in the QuickBooks corporate file and the control it offers over user access.

Conclusion: Following the instructions mentioned above, you can reset the password for non-admin users to log into your QuickBooks company file and recover access to your account.

If you’re still having trouble resetting QuickBooks company file login password (for non-admin users) and need more help, feel free to contact us at +1-855-223-4887.