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How to Fix Intuit Printer Library Error – QuickBooks Won’t Print

The following explanations account for the error “The Form you are about to print does not fit on the page”

  • The QuickBooks printer setup does not match the printer’s settings for paper size or orientation.
  • An Intuit printer library error may also come from the PDF printing preferences in QuickBooks printer setup.
  • The template may not be the proper size.
  • The QuickBooks printer setup is not compatible with the printer’s orientation settings.

Learn how to fix the error “The form you are about to print does not fit on the page. You may wish to modify your print settings such as portrait/landscape” by following the below steps:

  1. Launch QuickBooks program.


  2. Click File menu on the top-left corner.


  3. Select Printer Setup.


  4. Pick the appropriate form type from the drop-down menu.


  5. Click Options.


  6. Under Paper Size select Letter (Borderless) and choose Portrait orientation and then click the OK button.


  7. Under Printer Type select the choice that corresponds to your printer.


  8. Click OK to apply the changes and it should be successfully resolved.


The advantage of resolving this is that you can print your chosen form by modifying your print settings, assuring accurate and well-formatted prints.

Following the above steps will help you to fix the error and print your form correctly and accurately by changing the print settings.

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