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How to Create a Portable Company File in QuickBooks?

When a full backup is not needed, portable company files are excellent for sharing or moving accounting data around.

Learn how to create a portable company file in QuickBooks by following the below steps:

  1. Launch QuickBooks and sign in as an administrator.

    Note: You must be signed in as an admin and in single-user mode to create a portable copy of a company file.


  2. Choose Create Copy under the File menu.


  3. After selecting Portable company file, click Next.


  4. Assign a distinctive name to your portable company file, choose a location, and click Save.


  5. Click OK.


  6. On successfully saving the portable version of your file, you will get an acknowledgment message for the same.

Benefits: Here’re the 4 benefits of creating a portable company file in QuickBooks:
  • Easy Data Transfer: You can move portable company files between computers or to your accountant without encountering compatibility problems, making it simple to move your QuickBooks data.
  • Backup Solution: It is a convenient backup choice, guaranteeing that your organization file is securely saved and recoverable if necessary.
  • Effective Troubleshooting: Since portable files only include the necessary information, they make locating and fixing errors simpler.
  • Reduced File Size: The data is compressed by the portable file format, resulting in a reduced file size that saves storage space and makes sharing easier.
Conclusion: Following the steps mentioned above will help you create a portable company file in QuickBooks. If you’re still having trouble creating a portable company file in QuickBooks and need more help, feel free to contact us at +1-855-223-4887