How To Get Most Out of The Video Call Experience From Anywhere 

With millions of people now working remotely and some moving back to the office flexibly – we have indeed relied a lot on video conferencing tools such as Zoom Video Calls to a great extent.  

What is the result of this?  

Having the freedom to work from anywhere and fostering communication and teamwork. Video conferencing proved to be the safest bet when sitting across from coworkers was no longer in the picture at the time of the pandemic.  

As the current data reflects, since 2005, those operating remotely have grown by 140%. 

So do the usage of video conferencing solutions. Today, 43% of remote and in-house teams use a video conferencing solution to connect and collaborate with their teams. 

Zoom Video Communications is the most popular collaboration tool used in almost 200 countries and territories around the planet. Since COVID-19, it has proved to be an excellent way for remote workers to keep in touch with their colleagues and customers. However, the back-to-office trend is not going to affect the usage of Zoom, as features such as screen sharing, file editing, and more are the most used metrics in the corporate world.  

However, earlier Zoom application was installed on desktops where users could operate it only from one place and one device. Now that the scenario has changed, the teams are remote and need secure and consistent access to Zoom video conferencing from any location, any network, and any device.  

The Case of Zoom VDI For Enhanced Video Conferencing Experience 

Now that enterprise organizations adopt Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for security and flexibility in managing and controlling desktops from a single centralized location installing Zoom VDI can offer IT and your workforce a determined video calling and chatting experience. To enable successful collaboration, these organizations need a meeting solution optimized to perform well on VDI. 

  • Zoom VDI Leverages HDX:  

Zoom on virtual desktops or Zoom VDI is designed to offer a faster path to cloud adoption by enabling enterprises to provide GPU-intensive performance connected with HDX 

ACE virtual desktops support HDX for hi-tech performance so that users can leverage a real-time video conference experience similar to what they get on local desktops. HDX technology delivers bandwidth-efficient multimedia and video experience with exceptional display optimization through Enlightened Data Transport (EDT).  

HDX also enables users to optimize display using H.264 and H.265 codecs for excellent image quality with minimal bandwidth consumption. HDX leverages graphic-intensive hardware to reduce resource consumption when offering full-screen motions.  

  • Reduces Latency During Calls:

Zoom VDI minimizes latency with real-time UDP audio and incorporates packet tagging for virtual channels. Real-time optimization policies control latency so one can connect on multiple devices for a great user experience, maintaining higher user density on the host server. For a satisfactory webinar visual experience, HDX also compresses video graphics, thus reducing bandwidth requirements on remote networks.   

For instance, when desktops are hosted on a central server, users can leverage integrated communication platforms such as Skype, MS Teams, and Outlook. Additionally, this intercepts webcam compression and ensures that the user can have an extraordinary experience even when they are at remote locations.  


  • Utilize Graphic Intensive Units (GPU) On Zoom 

If you are on a video conference with a client and background noise is disrupting, then Zoom VDI might help you. ACE virtual desktops process NVIDIA to process your incoming and outgoing audio and eliminate significant background noise.   

Using a high-powered physical workstation, the user can leverage Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), delivering leading-edge security and performance (even for graphics-intensive applications).  

  • Zoom VDI is fully Secure:

In addition to chat and collaboration, Zoom on VDI with calling, and the meeting is available with supported desktop virtualization provider platforms.   

Zoom on the VDI platform provides all the components needed to enable a remote workforce with graphics and highly intensive screen sharing. IT implements several security protocols, including dedicated encryption, computing infrastructure, and more, to secure the communications taking place among employees.  

ACE simplifies communication and collaboration for mid-market and large enterprise organizations —without the complexity of integrating and managing standalone access and security management tools. 

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  • High-Performance Computing On Any Device: 

ACE Virtual Desktops run on high-performance computing (HPC) to quickly connect remote employees via video conferences and calls around the globe without any hassle. ACE, a secure virtual desktop on the Citrix platform, provisions virtual applications for enterprises that integrates with Zoom communications to offer an optimized experience to the users.  

  • Zoom Optimizes Meetings On Virtual Desktops 

Zoom’s VDI is optimized to provide an outstanding user experience with good-quality audio and video on the Citrix VDI Platform. 

Zoom offers a single client for all VDI deployment, no matter whether it’s persistent or nonpersistent. Zoom’s thin-client plugin renders video so the user can stream it without buffering and facing low configuration issues. And the virtual desktop renders every other component of video to offer an enriched screen-sharing experience. 

These are the few ways in which Zoom optimizes the VDI client experience:

  1. Zoom puts the least load on the host by reducing the number of streams and the frame rate.
  2. Zoom overlays media encoding and lays them in the right place. For instance, if a video conference is going on and a pop-up appears for recording approval, Zoom VDI offloads it.
  3. All local media on the thin client is transmitted directly to the Zoom cloud, keeping in mind the security and SSO protocols in VDI.

Zoom’s VDI offers rich HD resolutions of up to 1080p, easy screen sharing, and cloud recording, offering a wholesome of integrations available to support various end-user and IT workflows.

In A Nutshell: ACE Can Give You A Next-Level Zoom Experience 

ACE is a one-stop shop for enterprises seeking virtual desktop needs with graphic processing units, HDX, and CAD to work faster and wiser. When Zoom is installed on VDI, it delivers massive, non-variable performance and next-generation security across a comprehensive portfolio of devices.  

ACE enables firms to transform and support their remote employees for success in the long run without compromising efficiency through the delivery of secure and collaborative Zoom VDI video conferencing and chatting.   

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