Why You Should Migrate To Hosted Virtual Desktop

Did your office desktop ever restart while you were working on some important tasks, or your data got lost due to a hard disk crash? What if you were out on vacation and your client wanted immediate assistance from you? These are just some of the issues that professionals face in their everyday life.

The days of the office desktops are long past. In the current business landscape, an hour of downtime can cause a company millions. Also, the client demands are rising every day, where they want their queries resolved instantly. Businesses need an agile desktop solution that is always available to the employees anywhere and anytime.

Why You Should Migrate To Hosted Virtual Desktop

One such solution that has proved to be path-breaking for businesses is Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD). HVD is a service offered by a third-party provider where virtualized desktops are provided to the customers on a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Let’s see why you should migrate to Hosted Virtual Desktop.

1. To enhance mobility

While working on the local desktop, your employees need to sit behind a desk all day to complete their daily work. Hence, if they need to attend a seminar, travel, or attend client meetings, it means loss of productive hours. Also, in this global scenario, you must be able to serve clients at any time of the day.

Hosted virtual desktops can be accessed from any location at any time from internet-enabled devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Hence, employees can maintain optimum productivity, even while traveling to distant locations. Moreover, managers can keep track of the daily activities of their employees while at home. HVDs save commuting to the office, help maintain a work-life balance, and reduce mental stress.

2. To secure your data from all threats

In the conventional IT scenario, the data and apps reside in the local desktops or laptops. Hence, if they get stolen or damaged, the data is compromised or lost forever. Moreover, they are various cyber threats that loom over critical business data.

If you opt for a hosted virtual desktop, the data and apps reside in remote data centers. Hence, if an end-point device used to access the virtual desktops get stolen, lost, or damaged, you can pick up another device, login to the virtual desktop, and start working.

Another thing to note is that the virtual desktop providers offer multiple security options, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, antivirus and patch management, access controls, group policy, and more.

3. To achieve continuous business continuity

Every organization strives to ensure business continuity, even in unforeseen circumstances, such as disasters, cyberattacks, power surges, etc. Hence, you need to deploy a dedicated business continuity team to analyze risks, draft best practices, and monitor the IT infra. Moreover, hardware redundancy should also be ensured for continuous operation during a malfunction or data breach.

The hosted virtual desktop providers guarantee a minimum uptime value in their SLA, ensuring the all-time availability of virtual desktops. The best providers offer an uptime as high as 99.99%, which essentially means around 5 minutes of downtime in a year. They deploy a multi-redundant infrastructure (server, power, network, and cooling) and fault-tolerant system to ensure the same.

4. To scale your business with ease

Businesses need to add new desktops regularly with the expanding workforce. Also, due to some circumstances, such as closing a branch, you might need to get rid of existing desktops. Hence, you either need to purchase new desktops or make space for idle desktops – both cases leading to wastage of funds and efforts.

HVDS are created in a virtualized environment on the cloud server of the provider. The providers can add or remove the desktops easily with a central desktop management portal. You can raise a request with the provider to add/remove desktops, and they will comply with your requirement.

5. To reduce capital expenses

As a business owner, you know the cost of purchasing high-end desktops and servers for your office. Furthermore, as the amount of data and number of apps required increases, these desktops must be upgraded to cater to the resource requirements. Consequently, an IT team must be deployed to cater to such issues.

The Hosted Virtual Desktop solution reduces all the underlying capital expenses related to office desktops procurement and functioning. The provider provisions and delivers virtual desktops on the user’s end-point device. Hence, the end-point device’s configuration does not matter- you can use any essential internet-connected device.

6. To resolve your issues in time

Desktop issues are a normal part of daily office activities. Hence, you need to ensure an extensive IT team in the office to cater to all the issues. An agile IT process should be deployed for an effective and swift resolution. This calls for additional efforts and costs on your part.

The virtual desktop providers offer dedicated round-the-clock support to businesses, so they don’t need to deploy an on-premise team. You can contact them via call, chat, or email with the guarantee of instant response and effective troubleshooting.

7. To promote green IT

Office desktops require a considerable amount of electricity to function, so does other equipment needed to support them, such as air conditioning. Moreover, a lot of IT waste is generated as the desktop components need to be replaced regularly.

A virtual desktop environment is more energy-efficient than a physical desktop setup. It promotes green IT as a single server can be used to create multiple virtual desktops, minimizing hardware setup. By opting for hosted virtual desktop, you do not need to purchase desktops on your premises.

Final Note

Hosted Virtual Desktop is a new-age virtualization solution that offers businesses the perfect remote working environment. Employees get the desired virtual desktops and apps securely delivered to their personal devices. On the other hand, by selecting the right hosted virtual desktop provider, businesses can cut down capital expenses and eliminate IT hassles. Try hosting a virtual desktop to stay ahead of the competitors.

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