5 Reasons Why DaaS Is Environment-Friendly

Do you know it is said that a single email generates approximately 4 grams of carbon footprint? So think about how much the billions of daily emails will leave a carbon footprint on the earth. Yes! It’s too much to calculate.

That is the reason global enterprises and mainly the IT sector are shifting towards a greener approach worldwide. Though they are involved in intensive technological practices, they are considering the environmental factors as well. They are coming up with green computing and green storage to adopt some environmentally friendly practices.

5 Reasons Why DaaS Is Environment-Friendly

One such green solution is Desktop as a Service (DaaS). DaaS offers flexible virtual desktops to customers that can be accessed from personal devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This eliminates the need for bulky physical desktops in the office.

DaaS comes as a technological answer to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and keep our planet free from carbon’s health hazards.

Let’s look at some of the important reasons why DaaS is environment friendly.

1. Less IT Infra/hardware

Companies need many hardware resources like desktops and cabling equipment for on-premise servers to run smoothly. Upgradation and maintenance of these desktops and renewing the cables regularly creates a lot of indisposable waste. This wastes not only resources but also money and time.

With DaaS, you get hosted virtual desktops that you can use from your devices sitting from your home’s comfort. DaaS helps you minimize the bulky on-premise infrastructure. So, you don’t need any cabling to create a local network, and you don’t need any physical desktops kept at your premises, minimizing the wastage.

2. Less Power Consumption 

With colossal infrastructure, a massive number of desktops, and air conditioners used for cooling up the office to make a comfortable office environment for their workforce, companies consume a lot of electricity. This inclined energy usage causes loads of carbon emissions.

DaaS helps you cut on your infrastructure and hardware requirements and enables remote working or BYOD facilities. This allows you to reduce your on-premise usage of electricity and contributes a bit to the environment. Not only this, by getting the virtual desktops from DaaS providers, you can work with a larger workforce even with a smaller workspace.

3. Eco-friendly Data Centers   

As we all know, data is the most crucial thing, and businesses need to look for the best possible practices to keep it safe and sound. However, this massive data needs a high-end server and a huge hard disk space. Due to high energy usage, it becomes challenging to deploy a high-performance server setup in an office premise because of the high cost involved. Also, even if you install one, it will be a challenge to make it eco-friendly.

DaaS providers help you with all your data problems and save your data in green data centers kept at a different location. These data centers are now shifting towards renewable energy for their power consumption, saving electricity, and reducing carbon emissions. The Green data centers market will grow in the coming years, and we can see a significant expansion in 2023-24.

4. Electronic Waste and Heat Reduction

The bulky IT infrastructure consisting of servers, desktops, and other electronic appliances produces a lot of heat, causing global warming. Moreover, companies throw away many electronic wastes, including hardware components such as discarded desktops, cable wires, discarded thin clients, and other unused common electronic resources. This waste is tough to dispose of and is hazardous to our environment.

As DaaS creates virtual desktops on the cloud and only the endpoint device is involved, it reduces carbon emissions and pollution in the office premises. As you use these virtual desktops on your devices like laptops and tablets, it reduces the companies’ electronic waste, which will help make a greener planet.

5. Efficient Resource Utilization

Businesses need to utilize their resources in a well-planned manner according to their workforce. For example, if the company scales down its workforce, there will be many extra desktops and hardware devices that will remain unutilized. Also, the wastage of hard disk space or memory for that particular time leads to a loss of resources and energy. It becomes a challenge for a company to scale up or down their server specifications regularly.

DaaS resolves your problem by giving the scalability option. DaaS providers a lot you a space with a set of specifications in cloud data centers which you can always scale up or down according to the workforce or your needs.  With DaaS, you can efficiently run only those desktops you need at a particular time, saving power and the cost involved with it. Hence, proper utilization of resources saves a lot of energy and contributes to a healthy environment.

Summing Up 

In modern business practices, where we reap the benefits of technological advancement, we have to consider the drawbacks. We should see what we are giving to our coming generation. Though we cannot stop using these advancements, we can lessen its effect on the environment by using virtual desktop and mainly DaaS as it is a step toward green IT.

Take a step forward today and contribute towards the environment by taking desktop-as-a-service for your business.

To know more about DaaS, refer to the complete guide to desktop as a service(DaaS) or get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 855-264-8722.

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