7 Challenges Business Face And How DaaS Solves Them [Infographic]

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based computing service in which an external third-party organization hosts the back-end infrastructure of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Traditionally businesses were using the local workstations, but they were less flexible and secure. Moving ahead, businesses started using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which was flexible and secure when compared to traditional desktops but was very expensive and difficult to manage. Now the businesses are moving towards DaaS Service.

This infographic explains the challenges businesses face and how DaaS solves them.


Here is a detailed explanation of the points:

Global Reach

In the traditional scenario, it is difficult for employees to work from different locations as their complete data is stored on the local device. This makes it difficult for the business to expand its global reach.

On the other hand, DaaS gives businesses and employees much greater accessibility. The reason being that DaaS allows employees to access their desktops from any device, any operating system, and any location.

Pay as You Go

In the traditional scenario, it is very difficult to predict the complete IT budget, including both hardware and software. It is essential for a company’s success to know before-hand what they are spending in the present and what will be future bills.

When companies use DaaS service, they only pay for the service they are using and nothing else. They have a complete idea of what they will be paying if they need a particular desktop specification.

Bring Your Own Device

Traditionally, when an organization hires an employee, it becomes the organization’s responsibility to provide the employee with a PC or a laptop. This creates an extra burden over the organization.

With DaaS, organizations can allow their employees to work from their personal devices. This saves a significant amount of money for the company and gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere they want.

Cost Optimization

The traditional desktop cost is almost two times the cost of virtual desktops set up. Desktop-as-a-Service requires less power consumption, and there is no need to maintain the local hard disk.

Moreover, if the company decides to upgrade the hardware and software, there is no need to change the complete set-up. They can ask the service provider and change the desktop specifications. This will save a considerable amount of money which can be used in the development of the company.  

Scalable Infrastructure

Planning the resources needed and scaling infrastructure according to the business demands is very difficult in both the local system and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. With DaaS, the organization can add or remove desktops whenever required, as there is no hardware to procure.

Additionally, the business with different peak periods can scale up and down their resources during the peak and off-peak seasons.

Data Security

In the traditional scenario, all the business data is stored in the local machine. A simple virus attack or natural disaster can harm the complete data in no time. Whereas in Desktop-as-a-Service, all the business applications and data are stored in the fully controlled data servers.

Moreover, users can access the data and application only after proper authentication. This will make sure that all the business data and applications are at maximum security.

Expert Team

Traditional desktops or on-premise VDI installation requires high maintenance and an expert team. Without the expert IT team, it is almost impossible to manage such a system.

Any incorrect setting can cause numerous issues for employees when they access their workstation. But with DaaS, everything will be managed by the DaaS provider, so there is no need to hire an expert team. Though the IT staff will be required to maintain functions at the organization’s endpoint, they will be less in number and require less expertise.

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