What is Proofpoint? Know 5 Ways to Prevent Email Fraud

Living in the age of email-based cyberattacks, your digital communications need special protection. Spam, phishing, social engineering attempts, imposters, and bulk emails – all these cyber threats could be lurking in your inbox at this very moment.

If your business uses email communication (it’s 2022, so of course it does), you need to explore Proofpoint Email Protection.  

What Is Proofpoint?  

Proofpoint Email Protection is the industry-leading email security solution that secures your outbound and inbound email traffic against new-age email-based cyberattacks. Founded in 2002, the SaaS-based cybersecurity and compliance company delivers people-centric cybersecurity solutions that build on each other and work together.  

Businesses of all sizes and across industries believe in Proofpoint email security solutions. It employs the latest cutting-edge machine learning technology – NexusAI – to catch known and unknown threats that other detection engines could miss easily.  

Secure Your Organisation From Email Threat With ACE Email Security

Ways to Prevent Email Fraud with Proofpoint Email Protection 

Let’s explore all the ways in which Proofpoint Email Protection secures your business against email fraud and email-based cyberattacks.  

Specialized protection against advanced Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud 

Proofpoint’s integrated, end-to-end solution ensures protection against BEC attack tactics like supplier invoicing fraud. In the current email threat landscape, attackers use tactics that combine impersonation and compromised attacks. Advanced attackers target your supply chain and partner ecosystem, putting your partners and clients at risk.  

BEC fraud is difficult to detect as there is no malicious payload to detect. Attackers play psychological tricks on their targets, often posing as someone the victim trusts. The targets are tricked into making fraudulent payments via typical scams like gift card scams or payment redirects.  

Proofpoint Email Protection detects BEC red flags at multiple levels and blocks email fraud before your business suffers financial and reputational damage. It analyzes various message attributes and identifies emails from impersonated or compromised suppliers.  

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Multilayered detection techniques that spot signs of fraud at a glance 

Proofpoint email security employs a wide range of threat detection techniques that build a comprehensive defense against emerging threats. Some of these techniques are: 

  • Signature-based detection technique blocks known threats such as viruses, trojans, Ransomware, and other types of malware 
  • Unique email classifiers technique identifies suspicious emails as imposters, spam, phishing, malware, bulk mail, or adult content. 
  • Dynamic reputation analysis technique analyzes local and international IP addresses to authenticate sender identity. 
  • Analyzing message attributes such as message header data, sender’s IP address, and the message body for words or phrases that indicate undue urgency.  

With Proofpoint’s comprehensive detection techniques, you can rest assured that fraudulent emails will not enter your inbox without raising flags.  

Enhances visibility of the email fraud detection process and builds intelligence 

Proofpoint’s visibility-enhancing features work together to ensure you always know the status of your email security environment. Attackers are developing a well-informed holistic strategy for targeting victims. Sophisticated attack tactics include in-depth research on how a business works, who reports to whom, and the IT policies in place.  

In response, Proofpoint has developed a strategy that identifies the Very Attacked People (VAPs) within your organization. It determines how risky a user is and how you can better protect them. This proprietary technology correlates threat levels to user behavior and prioritizes the users that need special attention. 

Proofpoint’s enhanced visibility lets you see which supplier poses the highest risk to your organization. It also uncovers malicious lookalikes of you and your supplier’s domains. In-depth visibility allows you to see who is sending emails using your domain. You get the chance to verify trusted third-party senders using your domain to prevent vendor compromise and supply chain attacks. 

Automated response capabilities ensure you don’t waste time dealing with suspicious emails

Unwanted emails can take various forms, from malicious phishing emails to inappropriate jokes. Dealing with each email usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. While this isn’t a significant time to deal with an individual email, the process becomes tedious in organizations with a large workforce. The time requirement adds up.  

Proofpoint Email Protection is equipped with Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) technology, which enables easy quarantine of malicious emails post-delivery. It saves time and frustration by automatically finding and retracting unwanted emails and employing artificial intelligence with built-in business logic. 

Also, Proofpoint enables users to report suspicious emails or potential imposter messages directly using specialized warning tags and the “PhishAlarm” button.  

Exercise ultimate control over everything within your inbox  

Proofpoint Email Security allows users complete control to classify and quarantine suspicious emails as they see fit. Multilingual content analysis blocks unwanted emails irrespective of the language they are in. Specialized email classifiers allow you to divide incoming emails into separate quarantines based on their types, such as spam, phishing, imposter email, malware, bulk email, or adult content.  

Proofpoint also provides superior graymail management, giving users complete control over bulk email. A low-priority inbox exists for all graymails. Users can sort through the particular inbox and “promote” wanted emails to their regular inbox or quarantine unwanted emails.  

Want high-caliber email protection to be even more hassle-free? 

ACE Managed Email Security, powered by Proofpoint Email Protection, is here for you. ACE security experts provide round-the-clock email monitoring and 24/7 email threat protection. With advanced offerings like data loss prevention, spam filtering, attachment defense, and URL protection, your email communications will never go unsecured.  

Explore ACE’s fully managed solution that enhanced productivity by taking care of routine security checks and end-to-end security implementation. A 24/7/365 security operations team provides real-time monitoring and protection, even when you’re offline! 

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