Goodbye Traditional Learning and Welcome to the Virtualization-Driven Education Workspaces 

The virtualization of education and the adoption of e-learning and online programs have paved the path for universities and schools to make momentous changes in how they deliver lectures or classes to their students. 

Over the last few years, the education industry has experienced a paradigm shift as an increasing number of students have embraced mobile learning for everything from taking online sessions to virtual assessments— leveraging both online and in-person learning.  

This introduction of home workspaces for education has signaled the downfall of traditional studying methods. It is encouraging international schools and colleges to now look at other ways in which they can reap the benefits of digital transformation to the fullest. 


Educational entities are still not sure about the disturbances associated with remote learning if a reliable virtual experience is not provided to educators and students from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, they are now realizing that students demand a similar experience when sessions are taken face to face— consistent, collaborative, and secure — that can be achieved with ACE Virtual Workspaces. 

Virtual Workspaces foster anywhere, anytime, any device access to education tools, opening doors to collaboration, communication, and a knowledge-oriented environment.  

If you have a cloud-ready digital environment, students can get an uninterrupted and secure learning experience. Virtual workspaces for students bring round-the-clock support, fast learning, and knowledge sharing to educational institutions. 

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A New (And Open) World Of Education With Virtual Workspaces 

Up to now, it’s been possible for universities to delay e-learning adoption because most students were face-to-face, and they didn’t have security awareness. But that’s changing with the need to get all educational resources online in an all-in-one environment for students to enroll and access the programs globally. 


Between 2017 and 2022, the e-learning market in the U.S. will have increased by $6.22 billion 

In such a scenario, institutions surely need some education, learning, and teaching applications that need to be integrated with internal systems as well as some complex time management solutions. All of a sudden, the educational network has opened up with a whole lot of opportunities. 

That’s good because it brings opportunities for new kinds of teamwork and collaborative learning models — ecosystems that add value to connected environments. 

But without proper security, it can increase the risk associated with the flat architecture of student networks distributed across, where one IP can shift to another and get exploited easily with malware and phishing schemes. 

It’s rightly said that you can’t rebuild a plane while flying it; therefore, it is imperative to set up a proper infrastructure knowing how it will bring a change in your IT management or education system. 

Adopting and enforcing a virtual workspace can offer students a classroom experience at home. Moreover, student workspace at home can mitigate the risk of session or assessment data leakage by monitoring resource access location, system, and time. The workspace also provides a clear and auditable chain of evidence for all actions done within the network environment. 

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ACE Hosted Workspace: Innovative, Secure, and Trusted Approach to Make a Classroom at Home 

ACE Hosted Workspace is an innovative solution that can help build classrooms for students from anywhere, be it home, class, or work. It creates a student-centric experience while at the same time de-risking educational data security. 

With ACE workspace as a service, universities and institutions benefit from: 

Improved Student User Experience 

As virtual workspaces are easy to configure and provision, no matter how big the team is, the desktops can be configured for ten to then thousand users within minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum. Students can simply log in to ACE workspace and begin learning with all the tools that institutions have provisioned for them. 


Built-In Cloud Security 

Onboarding and scaling students and educators every semester or year is more secure when using a hosted workspace for students practically. That’s because all educational resources, including integrated applications, are automatically updated by our team and patched in real-time as soon as updates become available. 

In the current education environment, students are accessing documents across the globe; many consider data to be their weakest security link. The workspace provides secure remote access through secure perimeters, a zero-trust security framework, network security, multi-factor authentication, and top-tier data centers. 

How Workspaces Can Foster Collaborative Learning Experience?


Cost saving While Reducing Risks 

Similar to its cloud security plus point, the cost-efficiencies of virtual workspace converge on numerous fronts. Rather than laying out substantial CapEx on equipment, for instance, workspace’s pay-as-you-go pricing enables institutions to scale up and down quickly as required without spending on excessive storage or compute capacity.   

With ACE Workspaces, universities can save money by no longer needing to ship laptops to students or lecturers for compliance reasons. 

Intuitive Compliance 

A Ponemon Institute survey states that the average cost of a data breach in education can reach up to $200 per record. Enforcing stringent compliance can prick a hole in a universities’ pocket. Therefore, embracing a virtual workspace can deliver added benefits along with meeting compliance needs. 

ACE Cloud-native workspace incorporates built-in compliance controls, which deliver the dual benefits of achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance for less time and effort while enhancing audits (thanks to tools like down-to-the-keystroke session recordings for ideally witnessed records). 

With more than 14+ years of award-winning services, ACE brings you a secure, flexible, and agile virtual desktop solution to meet today’s students’ demands while paving the way for a brighter future. 

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