What is VDI as a Service?

“Cloud Will Be the Centerpiece of New Digital Experiences”, says Gartner 

With each passing day, the adoption of cloud technologies is accelerating. From working remotely to connecting with clients, it has become the preferred route for keeping an eye on security and budgets. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, a flexible and resilient work-from-home model has become indispensable to businesses around the globe. With companies continually looking for the perfect remote working solution to ensure business continuity, VDI as a service appears as the need of the hour.


VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) as a service is a technology that enables the creation of virtual desktops over a centralized server setup managed by a third-party service provider. Virtual desktops are more flexible, secure, and mobile than traditional office desktops.

However, VDI is popularly known in the tech world. But in VDI as a service, the third-party provider offers fully managed virtual desktops to the users on a subscription basis. The provider deploys the VDI environment in state-of-the-art data centers, thereby taking care of the backend IT tasks.  Let’s see some of the benefits that VDI as a Service can offer.

Increase ROI of your organization by deploying VDI


Benefits Of VDI As a Service for an Enterprise 

1. Anytime Anywhere Productivity, No Loss of Access Issues 

A major business challenge in the current scenario is 24X7 availability. However, this is not possible when you are working on the traditional systems as you get confined to office desks. 

By opting for managed VDI services, your team can access virtual desktops from any location any time. The virtual desktops are delivered from the provider’s cloud servers to the user’s endpoint devices, be it smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Hence, employees can work even while travelling, thereby resulting in increased productivity and reduced stress. 

2. Cost Reduction, Reduced CapEx

The on-premise virtual desktop infrastructure involves multiple cost parameters that add to the enterprise’s annual budget. First, you need to purchase high-end office desktops for your employees and the supporting equipment, such as cabling, power, air conditioning, and more. Secondly, it demands additional time and cost for upgradation. Also, firms need a dedicated IT team for infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting. 

VDI as a Service eliminates major capital expenses associated with a traditional desktop setup. Moreover, the cost of purchasing hardware and updates is eliminated as the service provider provisions and delivers virtual desktops to end-users. The provider offers dedicated customer support with an onsite IT team to address all your issues. 

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3. Fully Managed Services, No Hassles

The physical desktop setup comes with a set of issues. First, a desktop comprises various components, such as RAM, hard drive, or motherboard, that must be replaced due to malfunction. Second, the desktops need to be upgraded periodically to meet the changing business requirements. Moreover, whenever a new employee joins the office, the new desktop needs to be configured. In all this, time and money are lost. 

The VDI as Service provider offers a fully managed hosted VDI solution. As the provider has ownership of the VDI environment, their experts take care of all the critical and menial IT tasks. They take care of   design, deployment, upgrades, application updates, configuration, and troubleshooting. They also take complete responsibility for data migration and offer 24×7 consultation. 

4. Strengthened Security, Eliminated End-point Storage 

privacy security

Security of the data stored on local servers and desktops is a great cause of concern for organizations. These devices are vulnerable to surrounding threats, such as power surges, employee negligence, and viruses that can cause data loss. Moreover, cyber threats can also lead to data breaches and theft. 

VDI as a service offers complete data protection to employees. The virtual desktops are accessed on endpoint devices with data stored on the remote cloud servers. Hence, if a device gets damaged or stolen, data remains secure at the backend.

Additionally, the service provider offers multi-level security implants, such as multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, traffic analysis, OS patching, antivirus management, group policy controls, ransomware protection, and more. This ensures data and app security on all fronts. 

5. Disaster Recovery, No Data Loss

Certain disruptive events, such as earthquakes, floods, or cyberattacks, can damage or compromise the entire IT infra. When your data and apps reside on the local IT infrastructure, it can lead to total data loss as backup servers are also hampered.

A good VDI Service provider offers disaster recovery as a part of their services. Disaster recovery is a process with proactive strategies, procedures, and infrastructure aimed at recovering and restoring data during a disruptive event. As a part of disaster recovery, the provider replicates your data and apps on data centers located in diverse locations. Thus, if a disaster strikes one of the data centers, your access is shifted to another. This means that you can keep working without interruption.

6. Full-time Support, Maintained Business Continuity

IT support is a vital part of every desktop setup. The on-premise IT infrastructure must be able to address the workload of the workforce. Therefore, it should be directly proportional to the workforce size. As the workforce increases, you need to expand your IT resources, leading to recurrent costs and efforts. 

The hosted VDI provider offers round-the-clock support to all customers to troubleshoot any desktop-related issues. You can connect with the team via call, chat, or email when a problem occurs. A reliable provider assigns you a dedicated executive and guarantees an instant response. 

7. Unlimited Storage, Daily Backups 

As a company grows, so does its data. Consequently, businesses need to periodically add new backup servers. This requires additional budget allocation, office space, and an extension of the IT team. 

With VDI as a Service, the provider offers you unlimited data storage in their cloud environment. The data is backed up automatically on a daily or hourly basis. As VDI as a Service is a cloud solution, users can access backed up data using any personal device.

Now enjoy customized storage options with tailor-made VDI pricing plans. 

Why is VDI as a service outperforming Traditional VDI? 

What’s the primary focus of any business? Be it SME or a large-scale business, every firm strives to run its daily operations in a cost-effective manner. With the advent of VDI service providers, you can find the fix for all your problems, from data security to cloud migration. 

The only thing that you need is a VDI provider with sound expertise and experience. 

VDI as a service provider is solely liable for addressing all elements of virtual desktops, including data, servers and endpoints. Thus, they have brought a significant change in the cloud environment. Let us see how. 


Points To Consider – Need for VDI Service Provider 

  • Hiring a VDI service provider will decrease the cost of establishing software and hardware on-premises and give you a heads-up to run your business operations efficiently. Therefore, you don’t have to subsidize high-end servers or equipment as the entire data is accessible from the secure cloud server. 
  • It reduces your IT team’s workload as the service provider manages multiple servers and desktops. So, business can run productively, focusing on core business needs. 
  • The ability to easily scale up or down resources with intelligent load balancing and monitoring is hugely beneficial. 
  • A proficient service provider gives you reliable security and round-the-clock monitoring. Thus, your data is in safe hands 
  • The biggest advantage of VDI as a service over the traditional VDI model is device independence. Today all businesses demand instant access and faster time to market. With VDI as a service, users get cloud-work autonomy, which means zero restriction to office devices. No specific software or hardware installation is required to upkeep business productivity. 

How ACE’s VDI As a Service Help Businesses Grow? 

Moving virtual desktops and apps to the cloud brings in innovation enterprise workloads experience digital shift for the first time. Managed VDI acts as a power-packed technology that supports businesses in overcoming IT challenges. With tech stack growing, IT managers frequently get overwhelmed with managing every component of the infrastructure. 

VDI as a Service is a managed virtual desktop solution that offers businesses mobility, security, and scalability to thrive in the remote working scenario. On the other hand, it reduces capital expenses and minimizes IT hassles. On the other hand, employees can ensure maximum productivity, even from the comfort of their homes. However, if you are unsure whether to opt for VDI as a Service, you can ask for a free trial from any service provider. 

Business-centric VDI solutions can make streamlining your workflows and business processes difficult.  ACE as your VDI as a service provider addresses these problems by delivering reliable, goal-centric, managed cloud solutions. Our managed VDI services offer you advanced security and seamless cloud migration. While investing in our VDI services, you invest in your company’s future. Along with an effective cloud infrastructure, you get a competitive advantage in leveraging remote work technologies for rapid digital growth. 

ACE’s managed VDI as a service seeks to streamline IT management for leaders to concentrate on crucial industry competencies. Our experts will handle complex administrative tasks for you. With more than 14 years of experience offering cloud infrastructure solutions to clients, ACE offers best in class solutions and proactive support to meet your unique business needs including custom-made VDI solutions. 

Contact our solutions Consultant at 855-980-2150 and try out VDI as a Service for free.

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