Security as a Service (SECaaS): All That You Need To Know [Infographic]

What is Security as a Service (SECaaS)?

Security-as-a-Service is a cloud service delivery model in which an outsourced company looks after the IT security of your company. With this service, your local IT team is freed from the responsibility of installing antivirus, keeping software up-to-date, and maintaining the security infrastructure.

Instead, a third-party cloud service provider takes responsibility for the complete security of your data, applications, and operations. This new way of securing business will not only save the efforts of the IT team but also will help you to save money.

This infographic lists all the information that you should know about SECaaS.




Benefits of Security-as-a-Service

1. Updated Security

Antivirus tools should be regularly updated to ensure that it provides proper protection against threats. In the on-premise IT infrastructure, it is a tedious task to update all the software and applications regularly. However, in the case of Security-as-a-Service, the service provider ensures that all updates are performed on time.

2. Reduced Cost

Security-as-a-Service is more cost-effective as compared to traditional security measures. Traditional security methods require regular maintenance of the hardware and the software, license cost of the security software, and many more expenses. However, for Security-as-a-Service, you only have to pay a regular fee, which is surely less than the total cost of the traditional security framework.

3. Easily Scalable

Security-as-a-Service tools can be accessed by you and your team instantaneously. As it is a third-party service, the provider is responsible for providing all the required services according to the business needs. Not only this, but you can also very easily scale up and scale down the resources according to the demands of your business.

4. Skilled Personnel

As the importance of cybersecurity is increasing, more and more companies are hiring security experts. This has resulted in a shortage in the pool of cybersecurity specialists available in the market. It is not only difficult but also heavy on pockets to find a cybersecurity specialist with the right skills.

However, with SECaaS, you no longer have to worry as the service provider has certified security experts to handle all your security issues.

5. Saves Time

Security-as-a-Service saves a lot of time as the SECaaS provider will take care of all the updates and problems in the security services. YourIT staff can save their time and can rather spend it on maintaining other essential services of the business.

Features of Security-as-a-Service

  • Disaster Recovery– Multi-redundant security architecture and regular data backup make sure that your business operations do not face the slightest of disruption in case of any disaster.
  • Email Security – Collective measures are taken to protect your business from emails sent to spread malware, spam, and phishing attacks.
  • Data Encryption–It is a security method in which data is encoded and can only be accessed by you and your team with the correct encryption key and cryptographic ciphers.
  • Network Security – It is a process of taking protective measures to protect the networking infrastructure from misuse, destruction, and unauthorized access.
  • Web Security – It protects the website, web applications, and web services like APIs from all kinds of cyberattacks and data thefts.
  • Data Loss Prevention–It implies monitoring and protecting the data, either in usage or stored, to analyze data security on real-time basis.
  • Continuous Monitoring – Continuous security monitoring automates all the security solutions makes sure that all the processes in place.
  • Identity Management – It involves managing digital identities that only authorized people are allowed to access resources (data, applications, network, etc.).

How to Choose a Security-as-a-Service Provider

Once you decide to adopt Security-as-a-Service, then the service provider will be completely responsible for the security of your data and application. Before giving someone such a big responsibility, make sure that the service provider is eligible enough.

Here are some important points to look for in the Security as a Service provider.

  • Continuous Availability – The cloud service provider should be available 24*7, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Fast Response – They should be available on all delivery mediums – phone, chat, and email and should solve queries efficiently.
  • Disaster Recovery – They should have appropriate measures in place to recover and protect the business data in the event of a disaster.
  • Diverse Pricing Plans – The pricing plan offered by the service provider should be flexible so that you only pay for the resources you are using.
  • Daily Backups – They should backup your data on their servers daily to ensure guaranteed full recovery in case of data loss.
  • Regular Updates – They should provide regular updates in the security services to make sure that the business is protected against any new cyber threats.
  • On-site Support – If required, the cloud service should also be able to provide on-site support for any technical assistance.
  • Security Monitoring – They should continuously monitor security solutions for security misconfigurations and cyber threats.

Final Note

Moving from traditional security measures to Security-as-a-Service may seem like a challenging task to you. However, Security-as-a-Service will not only save money but also will improve efficiency to protect your data and application from cyber threats giving great value to your business.

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