What VDI Security Advice to Give to the Customers Migrating to VDI?

Security is one of the most crucial aspects that should never be compromised in a business or organization. When it comes to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), if you neglect a company’s data security, you may become a victim of cyber threats or data breaches, resulting in the loss of essential data.

Today, VDI has changed the way businesses function. On the one side, where virtual desktops have eased employees’ working, on the other side, it has opened the way to cyber threat problems. However, you can manage security issues if you understand what to choose for your enterprise between two VDI deployment models, On-premise VDI or Hosted VDI. On-premise VDI adds the IT hassles, and here the physical desktops and servers are always the easy targets for cybercriminals due to weak security systems.

What VDI Security Advice to Give to the Customers Migrating to VDI?

If you are migrating to VDI, then you can prefer hosted VDI services from a reputable provider due to the advanced benefits that they offer in the security sphere at less cost. In hosted VDI, providers create virtual desktops on the cloud servers and store your data safe in high-end data centers.

If you opt for Hosted VDI, you should always understand what type of data security measures are offered by the provider for your enterprise. Understand the significant VDI security aspects you should look at when opting for services from a hosted VDI provider.

VDI Security Insights To Have In Your Business

Data Protection safeguards

Data security is the priority when it comes to deploying hosted VDI in your business. It helps if you ensure that providers keep your data in multiple layers of security safeguards. Some of them are TLS 1.3 for data in transit, real-time intrusion detection and prevention for monitoring, hardware and software-based firewalls, and 256-bit encryption for data streams and files, which are not possible to decode.

Moreover, look if there is a facility where the VDI provider could entirely delete data on the user request or contract termination.

Operating System(OS) Protection

OS is also a major part of a virtual desktop system as every application is installed in it. As OS connects all the desktop functions like file management, controlling, and handling computer programs, it has an equal risk of becoming the victim of a cybercrime.

Hence, you must look at whether there are proper OS patching and hardening. Patching of OS keeps IT software on the cloud safe from malicious activities, and OS hardening covers the cyber policies that help mitigate risk.

Data Center Security

Physical security of storage space or storage devices is of equal importance. Hence, look that data centers where providers store your data have 24×7 security guards. They should have CCTV surveillance and video monitoring as well.

Moreover, provider’s data centers should have facilities like biometric scanning to allow access only to the authorized personnel inside it. Additionally, you can see that data centers are HIPAA, SOC-1, and SOC-2 compliant.

Access Controls

Not only companies, but at a personal level too, everyone needs privacy, and it’s necessary to keep your data safe from the hands of scoundrels. For the safer side, we keep pins, passwords, or fingerprints to access our devices. Similarly, it is helpful to look that providers should offer you proper access control features like biometric access, digital locks, device access management, or multi-factor authentication.

Additionally, you can set permissions for particular employees to give access to internal system files or folders. This helps you keep away the unauthorized people of the company from entering into personal business data.

Continuous Network Monitoring

Though the VDI providers may implement several security measures discussed above, there is still a chance that data may get stolen by hackers. Therefore, you should look if the providers have continuous monitoring towards bugs, glitches, or fraudulent activities to mitigate events of known threats before they cause any damage to your system.

As it is said that prevention is better than cure, similarly continuous monitoring always helps you to mitigate the risk of malicious activities and prevents hackers from breaching your system.

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Hosted VDI From Providers Combats Security Issues

If you opt for hosted VDI from a cloud hosting provider, they offer you all these additional security benefits, which help you minimize data thefts and cybersecurity challenges in your company.

Whether IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, or any other industry, data safety is the most important thing to be looked upon so that business does not collapse or lose customer data or even capital.

With increasing technology, cyber crimes have become a new normal, but you can use the right VDI provider’s solutions to combat all challenges to sustain business growth.

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