How to Remote Access TaxWise Software?

TaxWise Desktop is an all-in-one tax preparation software that helps firms file and manage U.S. tax returns with ease. With TaxWise, you can prepare both individual and business tax returns error-free with optimum productivity. However, being desktop software, there are some limitations to it, the most important being remote access.

When you install TaxWise on a local system, you cannot access it outside the office. It might have worked a few years ago, but after COVID, remote work has become a necessity for most organizations. According to Forbes, 32.6 million Americans will work remotely by 2025.

Similarly, tax firms are also looking for solutions to remote access their TaxWise software to provide flexibility for tax preparers.

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Here are some solutions to consider to remote access TaxWise desktop software.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a feature of the Windows operating system that enables users to access a Windows server from remote locations using a client software solution. Hence, if you install TaxWise software on the server, you can access it remotely using RDS.

Remote Desktop Services is a virtualization technology, where virtual instances are instantly created on the physical server based on the active users. These instances facilitate session-based access for remote users, where the users can work on their processes. However, when you are done working on the TaxWise software, your session ends since all the users share the server resources. All the users share the server resources simultaneously. Hence, too many active servers at a time can create lag.


A VPN or Virtual Private Network can be considered the most basic form of remote accessing the TaxWise software. A VPN is an application that creates a secure connection between the host (can be the office PC or server) and the client (your laptop). Hence, even when at home, you can work on the TaxWise software installed on your PC.

VPN creates a secure tunnel between the host and the client. Hence, even if you want to access the TaxWise software from public WIFI, a VPN ensures safe working. However, there can sometimes be latency while working on a VPN as tunneling can reduce the internet speed.

Remote Desktop Software

Just like RDS is a feature of Windows, there are various third-party applications, like Team Viewer and AnyDesk that offer remote access to the local PC. The difference between RDS and a remote desktop app is that RDS is designed for the Windows Server whereas these remote desktop apps can let you access any user operating system. Also, remote desktop software does not let you share the system resources as RDS.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a completely different method to remote access TaxWise software than the above methods. Unlike the above methods, where you install TaxWise on the office PC or server, cloud hosting means installing tax software on the cloud servers.

Hence, hosting TaxWise on the cloud gives you a real-time experience of working on the software. Moreover, you don’t have to bear the cost of deploying an IT infrastructure and monitoring its performance.

Unlike Windows RDS, where you share the server resources, cloud hosting offers dedicated resources. Moreover, due to the scalability of the cloud, the system resources (RAM, storage, etc.) can be increased instantly as per your requirement.

Another benefit of cloud hosting is collaboration. Multiple users can log in to the cloud and access TaxWise software and the tax data simultaneously. Also, you can control user access (view, edit, etc.) depending on their role to ensure data security.

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Hosted Virtual Desktop

Built on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology, a Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) offers a desktop-like experience on the cloud. In HVD, virtual desktops are created on the cloud by the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers. By opting for hosted virtual desktop services, you can log in to the cloud portal and access your desktop with all your apps and data.

With hosted virtual desktops, you can access TaxWise software on your smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Moreover, all the desktop settings of a hosted virtual desktop are saved in the cloud. Hence, even if the users disconnect from the cloud, they can start from where they left off last time.

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Remote Accessing TaxWise is Only Half the Solution

These are some of the ways you can access TaxWise software remotely. If you are looking for solutions to only remote access your software, you can find various solutions, such as a VPN or remote desktop software. However, if you are looking to build a complete tax process with minimal costs, errors, and IT operations, we recommend trying TaxWise cloud hosting.

The TaxWise cloud hosting providers offer a highly secure, scalable, and high-performance environment, where multiple stakeholders can work simultaneously on the tax process without any hassles.

If you want to know more about TaxWise cloud hosting, call our solution consultant at +1-855-223-4887 to get a clear picture.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can TaxWise be accessed remotely?

Yes, TaxWise can be accessed remotely through cloud hosting solutions.

What are the benefits of remote access?

Remote access allows flexibility, collaboration, and access to TaxWise from anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I set up remote access for TaxWise?

Contact a reputable cloud hosting provider specializing in TaxWise hosting for setup assistance.

Is remote access secure?

Yes, reputable cloud hosting providers implement robust security measures to ensure data protection and compliance.

What are the system requirements for remote access?

Generally, a stable internet connection and compatible device are required for remote access to TaxWise.

Can multiple users access TaxWise simultaneously?

Yes, cloud hosting allows multiple users to access TaxWise concurrently for seamless collaboration.

What support options are available for remote access issues?

Reputable cloud hosting providers offer dedicated support teams to address any remote access issues promptly and efficiently.

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