QuickBooks Virtual Desktop – What are the benefits

When QuickBooks was rolled out in the 1980s, no one knew it would have such a lasting impact on the accounting industry. Now, with over 800M global businesses and self-employed professionals using QB, it has steadily grown to become one of the widely sought accounting solutions.

But do you know that it can be remotely installed on a virtual desktop as well?

QuickBooks Virtual Desktop - What are the benefits

Virtual desktops are created on a central server using VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology. These desktops can be delivered remotely on the end-user’s personal device via the Internet. You can create these virtual desktops on your office premises with the aid of your local IT team. However, to eliminate the local IT hassles, it is recommended that you choose a service provider that offers hosted virtual desktop services.

Installing QB on virtual desktops allows firms to be more cost-effective, have higher productivity levels, and enjoy better data security.

So, before you wonder what using QuickBooks virtual desktop brings for you, here are the five top excellent benefits.

1. No Bar on Accessibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the need for flexibility to work remotely. While QB Desktop still does most of the accounting tasks, you can seriously limit your organization if you are still using it on traditional systems. Your employees must wait to get to the workplace before accessing their QB data and are bound by time-zone and geographical limitations.

However, there is a solution – QuickBooks Virtual Desktop. Using a QB virtual desktop allows you to access your QB data round the clock from anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and authorized access, and you are good to go. Since it can be accessed from anywhere, your employees can work from home, be immediately reached during emergencies on their vacation, or even travel.

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2. Lower Operational Expenses

Investing in a technological venture always comes with certain expectations for an organization. They want it to make their business more productive, efficient and increase the cost-effectiveness of operations.

While QuickBooks has been a game-changer in accounting, installing it on traditional systems is a different thing. You must rent/buy a workspace, maintain your office systems, deploy an IT team, and face other workplace-related costs. And this is where upgrading to the latest available innovation comes in handy to save from all such hassles.

Using a QB virtual desktop opens a way for your organization to bypass all these costs and lower your capital expenses. Since everything in a QuickBooks virtual desktop is present on the cloud, you can avoid setting up a dedicated in-house server in the first place. This way, you neither have to invest in maintaining your IT infrastructure nor face other maintenance-associated costs. Also, with 59% of US organizations supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), you can also do the same and save extra on IT-related expenses.

3. Enhanced Data Security

Dispensing your services as a CPA firm goes beyond the core accounting tasks. Apart from delivering a quality accounting experience, a firm must provide top-notch safety measures for their client’s data. This has become increasingly important due to the recent surge in cyber-attacks and the serious threat they pose to both consumers and service providers. And since a CPA has to handle sensitive financial data, having pristine data security is an indispensable option.

Opting for a QuickBooks Virtual Desktop empowers you to bring both credibility and depth to your security system. Since everything is remotely hosted on secure servers, no unauthorized user can get access to your data.

Moreover, the reputed service providers deploy the latest anti-hacking tools with a team of IT professionals for constant monitoring, giving you the best security experience possible.

4. A Hassle-free IT Infrastructure

How many times it must have happened that your work got delayed due to a malfunctioned office desktop. Multiple times, isn’t it? Using QB on your local desktop carries its own limitations, out of which maintaining your IT infrastructure is the most troublesome. You have to hire IT professionals, pay for system components, and then regularly monitor them.

But with QuickBooks virtual desktop, you don’t need to worry about the IT infrastructure anymore. When you are using QB on a virtual desktop, the service provider sets up the infrastructure in state-of-the-art data centers. Hence, all the tasks related to hardware maintenance, updating QB software, and other IT-related needs are taken care of by them.

And with BYOD getting increasingly popular, you don’t need to provide office systems too. Just give your employees the required authorization, and they are ready to use their QuickBooks virtual desktop from anywhere, anytime.

5. Easy Backup

When it comes to keeping the data secure, data backup is one of the most crucial factors. From devising financial strategies to analyzing fiscal trends in a business, everything depends on the stored information’s availability. And when that data is irreversibly lost, it can lead to severe financial losses for a firm and recede your customer base.

This is the reason why many firms are moving towards QB virtual desktop. Service providers offer daily data backup and store it on remote cloud servers. So, even if a natural calamity like an earthquake or an accidental fire damages your workplace, your data will remain safely backed up in remote servers. Also, data is backed up in multiple cloud servers so that even if one server is down, another one is there to provide you quick restoration.


The benefits mentioned above make the picture crystal clear – moving to a QuickBooks Virtual Desktop is what accounting firms need. Maybe that’s why QuickBooks Virtual Desktop has become so popular these days.

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