5 POS Systems That Are Compatible with QuickBooks Accounting Software

A Point-of-Sale (POS) system is an integral part of any retail business.

With the advancements in technology, the advanced POS software is now available with great built-in functionalities like multi-stores management, inventory tracking, comprehensive products and information databases, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns building, and many more.

5 POS Systems That Are Compatible with QuickBooks Accounting Software

With an array of features in a retail solution, some POS systems even offer built-in accounting and bookkeeping capabilities.

Still somehow, for a retail business, whether it’s a small or multi-store business, it is essential to have specialized accounting software to maintain accurate books and tax information. Taxation and bookkeeping practices are crucial for business growth.

Since QuickBooks (QB) accounting software holds a large market share in businesses ranging from small to enterprises, it can be a great accounting solution that can be integrated with POS software.

QuickBooks accounting solution allows businesses to manage daily expenses and transactions, pay bills, manage sales, generate reports, and many more. With different versions of QuickBooks (Online, Mac, Pro, Premier, Enterprise) in the market, every business can get benefits according to their needs.

Integrating QB accounting software with the POS solution improves business efficiency and offers various benefits like:

  1. Reduced Human Errors
  2. Better Data Analytics
  3. Time and Money Saving
  4. Improved Flexibility

If you have QuickBooks as your retail business accounting solution, here are the top five Point-of-Sales software that are compatible with QuickBooks, and you can choose for your retail business.

1. QuickBooks Point-of-Sale

QuickBooks Point-of-Sale, developed by Intuit, is a feature-rich retail business management solution that helps you to make sales, accept payments, and manage inventory. QuickBooks POS is suitable for the single store as well as the multi-store retail businesses.

QBPOS offers various features/benefits like-

  1. Easy Payments Processing:Accepts all types of payments, such as cash, debit cards, and all types of credit cards, ensuring authorized and secured transactions.
  2. Inventory Management:Easy to track every sale, purchase, and return, which helps you to set reorder points and get insights on the hot-selling or most profitable products.
  3. Enhances Customer Service:It allows you to track, find, and record customers’ purchase history and helps to implement customer loyalty programs.
  4. Hardware Compatibility:It is compatible with hardware devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro, barcode scanner, credit card reader, receipt printer, and cash drawer.
  5. Customer Support:Intuit offers technical support from Monday to Friday from 5 AM to 6 PM PST and 7 AM to 4 PM on weekends, along with the online tutorials, articles, and setup instructions.

QuickBooks POS seamlessly integrates with the QuickBooks accounting software, which then allows easy sharing of sales and payment data with QB accounting software.

Moreover, syncing it with QuickBooks software helps to reduce the possibility of human error and offers improved flexibility by updating information across both the software every time. Hosting QuickBooks POS with QuickBooks Desktop allows you to get additional benefits like real-time access to inventory and sales, improved performance, enhanced security, and regular backups.

2. Vend POS

Vend is a cloud-based POS system that is designed for retail businesses of all types and sizes. It works on various devices, including Macs, PCs, and iPads. Vend offers tools to manage sales, purchase, and inventory.

Vend cloud POS offers various features/benefits like-

  1. Access Your Store Anytime, Anywhere:With its mobile solutions, you can access your POS software from the counter, warehouse, or back-office and make a transaction.
  2. Advanced Tools: Vend point of sale software is fast and easy to use. It is also compatible with popular hardware devices, including Mac, iPads, and PCs.
  3. Grow and Scale Your Business:You can easily add new sales channels, store locations, new staff, and registers in just one click.
  4. Quick Keys: You can customize keys for the most popular products or create templates to accelerate the checkout process.
  5. Annotate bills: You can add notes for washing instructions, storage care, and more directly on the receipts to enhance the serviceability.
  6. Customer Support Service:Team of more than 200 people supports in your time zone with major support centers in Toronto, Melbourne, London, and Auckland.

Vend POS and QuickBooks easily integrates and helps you to get insights into your business in real-time by automating your accounting tasks. It automatically syncs all the transactions such as sales, purchase, new cost of goods entry with benefits accuracy. This integration allows better reporting and helps to make better business decisions.

3. ShopKeep Retail POS

ShopKeep is an iPad-based POS software for retailers, bars, restaurants, and quick-serve businesses. It is a retail solution that provides various tools to manage sales, payments, staff, and inventory. It also offers the feature of generating gift cards and promo codes.

ShopKeep retail point of sale software is a multi-feature solution that offers features/benefits like –

  1. Inventory Management:It provides you inventory updates and helps you to prevent running out of stock.
  2. Easy, Fast Transactions:With ShopKeep iPad POS, you can make/accept transactions anywhere in the store and reduce the checkout lines.
  3. Reporting:It generates various reports, such as sales reports and employee performance reports, to get insights on business growth.
  4. Built-in Marketing Tools:You can create loyalty management programs and email marketing campaigns using MailChimp.

ShopKeep is compatible with the QuickBooks Online accounting software, which allows automatic syncing of register totals to the QuickBooks account. It helps to simplify your bookkeeping tasks and syncs all the sales data, including sales, returns, discounts, etc. until the shift is closed for the day.

However, ShopKeep does not allow you to integrate QuickBooks for Mac or PC. Also, it is only available to retailers located in the United States.

4. Revel POS

Revel is a cloud-based POS software which is suitable for retail stores and all type of restaurants. It helps retailers with inventory management, customer management, and social media management functionalities. Revel POS CRM helps you to record and capture customer data and order history.

Revel POS software is built to ease up the retail processes with features/benefits like-

  1. Inventory Management:You can keep track of every update in the inventory and outgoing sales and set up the low-stock alerts within the backend.
  2. Payroll Management:You can track the employees working hours and consider the extra hours while managing the payroll.
  3. Intelligent Reporting:With its intelligent reporting, you can get a sales summary, hourly sales, order history, and payment summary in a customized way.
  4. Online Ordering:Your customers can place the orders online, and it helps you to process deliveries, pickups, and support for customers.

Revel POS integrates well with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, which saves you from entering the data manually into accounting software. It automatically transfers all the information, including payrolls, sales, inventory, ordering, etc. to QuickBooks account.

5. Square for Retail POS

Square for Retail point of sales software is a cloud-based solution designed for brick-and-mortar retail stores as well as an online storefront. It helps you to simplify the retail processes by bringing your storefront, back-office, and online store in one place.

Square Point-of-Sale offers flat-rate credit card payment processing, which benefits the low-volume retailers with additional features/benefits like-

  1. Inventory Management:You can create items and view stocks from your Square POS. Also, you can directly send purchase orders to vendors from the dashboard only.
  2. Advanced Reporting:You can compare your sales, labor costs, and other expenses, which would help you in the prediction of potential revenue and profits.
  3. Sell In Store:You can run and manage your entire store from the POS only with quick checkouts, offer returns, create customer profiles, and easy exchanges.
  4. Sell Online:You can create a professional website according to the business in just a few minutes and reach customers online. Also, it helps in managing the easy shipping and in-store pickups ordered through the website.

On integration with QuickBooks Online via Commerce Sync App (No Direct Integration), Square POS for retail enhances the business efficiency by easy sales and expense tracking, paying employees, updating inventory, and more.

The transactions are automatically imported in the QuickBooks accounting software, which eases up the accounting and bookkeeping process.

To Sum Up

QuickBooks Accounting Software is a popular and robust accounting solution with thousands of happy and satisfied customers. Retail businesses who are looking for comprehensive bookkeeping software or have surpassed the accounting capabilities of their POS software integration with QuickBooks can help them to save time, money, and extra labor.

You have various options in the market that may be integrated directly or indirectly with QuickBooks software, but choosing the right POS software is going to help your business grow and save you from the hassles of transferring the data manually every month.

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