Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology is gaining popularity day by day. Industry leaders & CEOs are now identifying themselves & their company with VDI deployment benefits.

VDI comes with two implementations- Hosted VDI on Cloud and On-premise VDI deployment.

VDI Deployment - On-premises or On the Cloud

To understand which one is more beneficial for your business, we at Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to Jeff Pitsch, working in SBC/EUC for the past 20 years, and asked him to elaborate on the topic “VDI Deployment: On-premises or On the Cloud.”

Let’s see his views on the subject.

“On-premises or cloud has become a point of contention for many things’ data center relate to, but it has become almost a war between the two viewpoints. There seem to be a lot of people that look at this as black and white. You do one or the other.

I could go through and list advantages and disadvantages and try to push one over the other, but the reality is it is not black and white. It is very, very grey. There will be some companies going entirely on-premises, entirely cloud, or, in my opinion, most cases end up in a hybrid model.

For the most part, smaller companies will typically be either on-premises or cloud, but as the company size grows, you will see more and more hybrid. Why? Simply because neither on-premises nor cloud can give these companies everything they require. There is seldom a size fits all, and arguing over which one is best for a company does no one any good.  The decision of on-premises versus cloud should be based on use cases and business needs.  Even then, you may very well end up in a hybrid approach for that use case.

Many people will argue that the cloud is too expensive and cannot or should not be used.  I am not a fan of this argument because it implies cost as the only factor. If you decide based on price and cost only, you are doing yourself and your company disfavor. Cost is always a part of the calculation, but there are many times that the benefits outweigh the costs.

I know of more than a few companies deploying over 10,000 desktops to various clouds and having desktops in their data centers. This was well before the pandemic. They have their reasons, and to them, the benefits were far greater than the cost, and let us be honest, that must be a hefty bill.

I would ask you to keep an open mind and use sound judgment when deciding which to use.  Before the pandemic, I remember many companies saying, ‘we will not be going to the cloud, so do not even bother talking about it’. As said, never say never- many, if not all, most of those companies are now in the cloud due to pandemic. I am not saying they should have been planning on moving to the cloud but ignoring it only hurt them when using the cloud.

At a minimum, keep yourself up to date on new and existing technologies even if you aren’t currently planning on using them.  If something does come up where you need to move quickly to that technology, you will be in a much better position to take advantage of it.

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About the Author 

Jeff Pitsch is an Independent EUC Evangelist. His top skills are in Virtualization, Cloud Computing & End User Computing. Based in Alto, Michigan, United States, he likes to blog at & loves writing and editing content. He also loves to speak & deliver the message to the audience with his speech. He has been attached to server-based computing(SBC) & end-user computing(EUC) for more than 20 years. He believes that personal relationships make the EUC community great, so you can anytime chat or talk about whatever you like. You can reach him at

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