How Hosted Virtual Desktop Can Help Your Startup Become Successful

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Be it any industry, for a startup to begin from the ground up and evolve into a thriving entity is no walk in the park. There are diverse factors that should click together in order to establish an authority in the market.

According to Forbes, these factors may include having deep knowledge of the market, a vision for the company, and financial acumen, among others.

How Hosted Virtual Desktop Can Help Your Startup Become Successful

However, there are other factors as well that affect the way startups function. These may include cost-effectiveness, hassle-free operations, and IT infrastructure, among others.

No office can be imagined without local desktop machines on which the day to day work is performed. But we are also aware of the hassles that come with maintaining these desktops.

On-premises desktops also lead to a direct increase in your infrastructure costs. It also implies that you have to take care of the upgrade and replacement of hardware.

To tackle these issues, an easy solution is the Hosted Virtual Desktops. It means your desktop environment (OS, data, applications, etc.) is stored on remote servers rather than local systems.

Availing virtual desktop hosting services presents you with the kind of flexibility, mobility, and security you can utilize to succeed as a startup.

Here are some features of Hosted Virtual Desktop that would prove beneficial for startups.

1. Access Your Desktops from Anywhere

Have you ever missed work due to a meeting with a client or a conference in another city? What if you were sick? Or there is heavy traffic on the streets. Have you ever evaluated the number of precious hours you miss out on due to these situations?

You can work on your system only if you are in the office or not at all. The necessity of coming to the office daily can sometimes increase mental stress and hamper your productivity. It is becoming a trend with offices to allow remote work to the employees to enhance their performance. However, for that to happen, you should deploy the technology to support remote work.

With your desktops on the cloud, you can access the desktops from anywhere day or night. All you need is an Internet connection and portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

2. Get Advanced Security for Your Data

Security is a significant concern for any startup that is trying to cement its position in the market. Especially in today’s times where cyber attacks such as ransomware are as regular and lethal as ever.

One case of negligence in your organization can lead to the loss or theft of data, which results in revenue loss. All it takes is to open an unknown attachment, and your data could be the victim of a malicious attack.

Although the startups do their best in protecting their data by implementing the best security practices, it is not possible sometimes to integrate these practices into the local infrastructure.

However, the virtual desktop hosting providers deploy advanced security safeguards and methods in their hosting services. Physical, administrative, and technical safeguards are implemented that ensure total protection of data. Some of these include multi-factor authentication, access controls, end-to-end data encryption, and data filtering and analysis, among others.

3. Reduce Capital Expenditure

One of the most common challenges that startups face is to implement their process within the cost constraints. Every startup has a budget limit, and more times than not, the process requirement goes way overboard.

Hosted Virtual Desktops offers a way to reduce Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) by eliminating the hardware-related costs. As the desktops are virtual and hosted on the cloud, there is no need for high specification hardware. Only the basic hardware devices like thin clients and an internet connection are required to access the virtual desktops on the cloud.

The cost of upgrade and installation can also be avoided as the applications can be mirrored to all the desktops simultaneously. Since there is limited hardware in the office, the cost of deploying an IT team can also be minimized.

4. Easy Provisioning of Desktops

In a startup of 50 employees, there must be 50 separate physical desktops that have to be maintained regularly. Moreover, the IT team must install the operating system and applications in each of them.

If any of the desktops crashes, the hardware has to be replaced, and the desktop has to be set up again. These hardware-related hassles hamper productivity and increase capital as well as operational expenses.

Hosted Virtual Desktops enable the provisioning of desktops almost instantaneously. This is due to the fact that the desktops are virtual and can be added or deleted from the cloud without a fuss. The applications can also be installed on all the desktops at once.

5. Flexible Scaling of Desktops

The Virtual Desktop Hosting offers you a level of flexibility that local desktops cannot. As the virtual desktops are hosted on the cloud, you can change the specifications of all the desktops simultaneously as per your requirement. It means that without the replacement of hardware, you can change the RAM, storage, or other specifications of your desktops.

Not only this, the applications do not need to be installed on every desktop. Once installed, the application can be replicated to all the desktops. Same is the case with the operating system.

The desktops can be divided into desktop pools, wherein each desktop pool has its own specifications. Any change in one desktop can be replicated to all the desktops in the pool.

6. Get Dedicated Support

How many times a day do you need to call the IT team for any small or critical issue with your desktop? A slight delay in the IT team’s response leads to a decline in your performance.

The credible hosted desktop providers available in the market today offer you with dedicated round the clock support to all the customers. This implies that you can get rid of all the IT-related bottlenecks and focus on your process instead.

For instance, Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) offers round the clock support, and the technical executives are always available for the resolution of your issues even on holidays and weekends.

7. High Availability

The Virtual Desktop Hosting providers ensure that the desktops are available to you when you want it and for how long you want it. This is made possible by the state-of-the-art infrastructure of the data centers in which the desktops are hosted.

These data centers deploy redundant equipment for cooling, power, and network so that any dysfunction in one equipment does not cause your desktops from functioning. For a startup, it costs a lot of revenue to deploy such an infrastructure.

The virtual desktop hosting providers also mention an Uptime in their SLA, which guarantees the operation of your process. For instance, ACE offers 99.99 percent Uptime, which means your desktops are running all the time.

To ensure data protection, the providers take regular backups of your data and store them in redundant servers. In the event of a crisis, the data can be restored quickly.

8. Disaster Recovery for Your Data

One of the major aspects that the startups should keep in mind is the protection and availability of data at the time of a disaster. A disaster can be natural, like an earthquake, or human-initiated like fire due to short-circuit. In a local system, there is nowhere the data can be migrated, leading to complete loss of data.

Hosted Virtual Desktops providers take care of this issue by storing your data in multiple geographic locations. Thus, your data is protected under any circumstances.

Desktops Offering Convenience, not Headache!

In this competitive market, a startup should have an edge over its competitors. The last thing that the startups want is the infrastructure-related hassles that bring their performance down.

Desktop virtualization addresses these issues by offering flexible solutions that suit your needs. You can provision desktops easily and add/remove them as per requirement. Pricing is on a “pay-per-usage” basis to make sure you do not pay a penny more.

It makes your desktops hardware-independent so that you are free from all the hardware-related hassles. You can access your desktops from anywhere reducing mental stress and maintain a work-life balance. Data Protection is ensured by the regular backup of data, advanced security measures, and implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan.

All in all, Hosted Virtual Desktops come with benefits that can only enhance the performance of a startup as well as improve the productivity of its employees.

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