Desktop As a Service Pricing: Comparing DaaS Cost for Enhanced Business Environment

There’s no denying that cloud desktop technology has evolved in the last few years. In the coming years, the cloud desktop will be pervasive. Desktop as a service (DaaS) has delivered on-demand access, met workforce needs, and enhanced productivity to the users. DaaS technology brings not only technical innovation but also saves enormous costs for businesses. 

The modern workforce needs high performance, security, and compliance to access corporate resources from anywhere and anytime. Hence, moving desktops to the cloud also gives firms access to exceptional enterprise data and insights, along with cost-effectiveness. 

Improved Productivity + Cost-Saving + Anywhere Anytime Access= Virtual Desktop Solution  

Is the Desktop as a Service Cost Worth It?   

Every organization needs virtual desktop solutions, but the smart ones treat them as robust business tools instead of standard IT solutions. Similarly, organizations are opting for this solution, but the challenge of understanding DaaS pricing still prevails.  

desktop as a service price comparison

There is a considerable budget at stake when you implement new technology in your workplace, the same goes with DaaS. When compared to on-premise Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the cost of DaaS ultimately comes down. As there is no need to invest in massive infrastructure, your cost level lowers down. Here are a few questions to assist you in assessing whether or not DaaS is a feasible solution for your business or not:   

Move to Cloud VDI or DaaS with Ace VDI Solutions

  1. Is the current subscription price of DaaS lower than the capital investment to be made on VDI?
  2. Do you have dynamic desktop needs? Can you hire a team size up or down your VDI?
  3. Do you think you can retain BYOD without purchasing expensive endpoints for multiple employees?
  4. Does DaaS support high-end security on multiple devices, including employees’ personal devices they carry for corporate work?
  5. Can the Desktop as a service provider guarantee the highest uptime?   

(According to Gartner’s estimates, the average cost of one minute of system downtime is about $5,600) Source: Gartner  

And most importantly – Do your users need a cloud-based virtual desktop environment to work from anywhere for the long term, or can you get remote access by other means?  

If all of the above questions give you any answers saying “yes,” then investing in DaaS might be the right decision for you. Especially for small to medium businesses, who are still worried about funds, workflows, and productivity, cloud-hosted desktops might solve all these problems for you.  And, large-scale firms with distinct virtual desktop needs can also go for it to ensure high uptime, cutting-edge security, and the best performance for multiple users.

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Factors Affecting Cloud Desktop as a Service Pricing

1. Number of Desktops  

Every firm has different hosted virtual desktop needs. The need for desktops for SMBs might be less than an MNC. Therefore, the pricing differs too. As DaaS is a subscription-based pricing model, its cost is flexible and can be increased or decreased as per the business need. 

2. Desktop Configuration  

When deciding on the desktop configuration, you need to consider a few computing requirements such as RAM, CPU, and disk size (capacity). These components directly impact the features of the virtual desktop infrastructure and need to be configured as per the user’s needs. The desktop configurations are customizable and can be changed as per the demand. 

We have two pre-packaged configuration plans for your convenience, known as Business and Power plans. However, these are not only the configurations we offer. We offer custom packages as per the business needs. We configure each cloud desktop according to the CPU, RAM, and storage just so that you would get the required performance. 


User type  Business (medium-level users such as Consultants and market researchers)  Power
(Heavy level users such as web development, software development, designing, content creation, etc.) 

(Users with custom needs such as graphics-intensive applications) 

vCPU  2  4  Custom 
Memory (RAM)  4  8  Custom 
Avg. Storage  50  50  Custom 


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3. Plan Selection 

Every DaaS provider has some predesigned DaaS plans that have all components and are different for each client. For instance, the ideal configuration for a software developer might not suit a CPA. Therefore, some hosted VDI providers offer you the option to customize the plan by mixing more than two plans. Desktop as a Service Pricing always depends on what plan you choose.  

4. Provider Selection 

When you choose the DaaS provider, you should consider various factors such as scalability, support, uptime, customization, security protocols, and more. You need to ensure that the provider is available for end-to-end 24×7 IT support at no additional cost. Some may charge you a little extra above their DaaS hosting plan for the demo and support, so you need to select carefully.  

Why Implement the DaaS Offering By ACE?

ACE is the Citrix Strategic Partner for offering high-performing DaaS solutions to its clients. Our solution has been recognized as an accelerating cloud provider partner award 2020 in VMware India Awards. The bottom line here is our team has a lot of experience to give you a better Desktop as a Service pricing comparison. 

Before discussing the pricing comparison, you should know it creates an ideal environment for you.

ACE Cloud Delivered Desktops are fully scalable. Apart from eliminating management hassles, it also reduces the expenditure on idle resources. With scaling the virtual desktop infrastructure, you can start with less number of desktops and increase as per the demand by adding up. This type of acquisition can reduce expenses by a considerable amount.

You get an
‘all operational expenses and no capital expenses’ model with our cloud desktops. As there is no requirement to purchase new infrastructure, including the hardware and servers, your business investment in DaaS is essentially subscription-based.

Third, your team needs no special skills to learn this solution. Your workforce can easily log in and work from different locations. Our offering frees the team from IT bottlenecks and gives them the time to develop strategies. In this service, ACE, as your DaaS provider, maintains, updates, and manages the back-end tasks, saving the firm both time and cost.

Fourth, our desktops have multi-device compatibility, so your employees can work on any device, be it laptops, desktops, Macs, thin clients, or smartphones. So, you can follow a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in your workplace; the solution will fit right in your ongoing operations. 

And foremost, we don’t store your data in any endpoint. So, there is no fear of losing a piece of crucial information to device theft or breach. Our multi-layered security policies store your data in the cloud, and the same policies are applied in your data center. 

If you’re stuck between different DaaS vendors, get an inside look by asking for a free trial or a demo for Desktop as a service and get an idea of what your experience would look like. 


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