Benefits of DaaS: Why are Managed Desktop as a service Solutions Dominating the SME Market in 2023?

In a world dominated by the hybrid stage, virtualization is the primary driver of digital transformation in enterprises. More and more firms are using or planning to use virtual desktops due to a great number of advantages. 

Sooner or later, market watchers anticipate that the DaaS market is going to see healthy growth in the next five years, especially among small-medium enterprises that lack the resources and funds for maintaining backend VDI.

Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing offering where virtual desktops and applications are delivered to end-users and hosted on the provider’s cloud servers. When enterprises implement DaaS in their workplace, they bring significant benefits to their business by enhancing performance, cutting costs, and boosting their security.  

benefits of daas

Citrix Gartner: 2021 Market Guide for Desktop as a Service states that 72% of all surveyed organizations have invested or will invest in DaaS within the next two years.’ 

DaaS is a subset of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enabling organizations to remotely access virtual desktops via a network connection. With managed virtual desktop solutions, firms can avoid IT bottlenecks as remote employees need only compatible devices with internet access to work on virtual desktops. 

Are you thinking about implementing desktop virtualization for your digital workspace? In that case, you might need to have a closer look at the benefits of DaaS over in-house VDI: 

Eliminate Uninterrupted Workflows by adopting The Remote Model

The pandemic has changed the way employees work. People have the liberty to work flexibly from home, mountains, or sometimes, the office. Today’s competition seems to have a low tolerance for downtimes, high latency, and interrupted workflow. In such a scenario, the old form of IT infrastructure that needs full-time monitoring and costs to ensure business continuity can’t survive. 

Managed virtual desktops hosted on the cloud are delivered with guaranteed uptime and security and managed for the users to leverage it to their best. DaaS reduces the time spent on installation and configuration and can reduce issues that get in the way of offering secure remote access. 

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Experience Innovative Technology Without Capital Expenditure

Today IT leaders believe that every enterprise has dynamic tech needs, requiring a large amount of OpEx and CapEx. While the main goal remains the same to achieve business objectives, keeping a check on the budget has become a concern. But that’s made possible with DaaS.  

Managed virtual desktops are flexible as pay-as-per-usage-based models. So, DaaS solutions eliminate asset costs and reduce the modification costs associated with implementing monitoring, security, and end-to-end management processes. Moreover, these solutions offer enterprises the liberty to scale without increasing capital investments.  

Go For Hybrid Cloud to do away with Public Cloud Complexities 

Managing sensitive and confidential data from on-premises data centers hosted on the public cloud gives you higher control, but it lacks security.  

Do you know COVID pandemic increased cyber-attacks by 150% in 2020?  (As surveyed by TechJury) 

It is essential for IT leaders to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy that comes with the benefits of public and private clouds. Choosing managed DaaS solution on a hybrid cloud brings your business agility and edge-to-edge security. This enables firms to harness the cloud’s flexibility, scalability, and economics. 

Control Access with Ownership of Security in the Workplace

Security is at the top of the mind for every enterprise. With on-premise infrastructure, adapting to changes in security demands becomes challenging. On the other hand, Citrix-managed desktops are hosted on a central server, which means only authorized users can access the data remotely. This type of cloud-based infrastructure proves best for firms with add-on encryption and physical security needs.

Which Enterprises Can Leverage the Benefits of DaaS the Most

Desktop as a service embodies the assurance of mobility defined flexible work environment for the long run — hosted with the hybrid environment. Most companies will observe a shift in costs while leaving IT complexities to the managed DaaS provider. Here are the types of organizations that can benefit from the characteristics of DaaS. 

1. Organizations demanding high-level accessibility from anywhere, anytime
2. Organizations looking for under-provisioned infrastructure with fewer consolidation efforts
3. Where users have a diverse array of applications with graphics-intensive usage
4. Works best for firms where the employees work from remote locations
5. Firms that need a centralized environment for effective employee collaboration from different locations 

Is DaaS Suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises?

Sustaining the hybrid workforce can be complicated when you need on-demand access—DaaS simplifies it. Desktop as a service offers an enhanced workspace experience to multiple users without compromising security or making IT costs go out of budget. 

DaaS has supported thousands of small-medium companies to solve modern workforce challenges while offering cost benefits. 

  • Minimizes capital investments with DaaS services 
  • Get a comprehensive managed solution with customized pricing plans  
  • Provides high-definition experience 
  • Provides preferred apps pre-installed 

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daas for business growth
Here are five signs that it’s time for your team to start using DaaS: 

1. You wish to centralize the IT process. 

Maintaining infrastructure takes up too much time for your IT team. And if you have fewer resources, you surely need fully managed VDI solutions that can deliver you a reliable workspace experience without setting up servers or installing updates —no considerable investment is required

2. You need to simplify migration to the cloud.

Most firms consider migrating to the cloud a considerable endeavor; that’s why DaaS is the infrastructure that comes up with scalability benefits for your business along with high-value flexibility. You have a chance to make the most of the remote work model by hiring talents from across the world and offering them data through the cloud. Ultimately, that’s how business goals are fulfilled.

3. You have sensitive data and need remote access to it.

As more and more businesses are going remote and now turning to hybrid, providing full-time access to resources on different devices is a challenge for small-medium scale enterprises as they lack massive budgets. Our ACE-managed DaaS is a complete solution with built-in security features like MFA, encryption for data-in-transit, dual power paths, and anti-virus protection. Enterprise-grade policy and application controls ensure that data access stays secure.

4. Your capital investments are going out of budget

When it comes to offloading costs by migrating workload to the cloud, DaaS lets you continue with the existing devices and ensures a high-quality workspace experience for the users. Also, if you need to increase or decrease the number of users, you can scale up or down by optimizing cloud storage without extra costs.

5. You have employees who work on GPU-intensive apps.

The hybrid model brings with it more than just work-life balance. No wonder it enables higher productivity from remote locations globally. The best-hosted virtual desktops will allow remote workers to operate on compute-intensive applications, to make sure they maintain their efficiency regardless of location, device, or network for a better customer experience. 

The Bottom Line: Utilize Advantages of DaaS to Achieve an Efficient Remote Working Model 

On a positive note, DaaS delivers a superior user experience along with access to critical business applications without disrupted connectivity. The modern workforce requires faster load time and compatibility with the freedom to work securely on any device. ACE offers a powerful DaaS solution on the Citrix platform with high-end NVIDIA RTX 8000 Graphics at nominal pricing. With ACE, you can work on your existing IT infrastructure to drive more value by lowering the CapEx. No matter how many users you have and how many applications you work with, you get entirely managed virtual desktops and gain total visibility across your environment. 

Our desktop as a service is an infinitely scalable platform that enables you to leverage efficient remote working. Get managed DaaS services configured at any hour of the day. From security to updates, everything is handled by ACE experts. We have a global network of data centers that are monitored 24/7 to ensure that your data is always safe. So, what are you waiting for?  

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