6 Ways In Which DaaS Improves Your Customer Experience

Customers always prefer to take services from a company that keeps them satisfied. Hence, improving customer experience is beneficial for a business.

However, it becomes challenging for a company that owns bulky on-premise hardware to equip their workforce with the best resources and manage them on a central IT infra. Due to this, employees cannot deliver their best results, which in turn leads to their dissatisfied customers.

A solution to all these challenges is Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Desktop as a Service or DaaS can help you serve your customers more efficiently than ever before. With DaaS, you can give your employees desired apps and resources, which allows them to serve customers better.

6 Ways In Which DaaS Improves Your Customer Experience

DaaS gives you cloud hosted virtual desktops with all the desired applications you can access on your personal device from any location or even from your home’s comfort. So, your employees can serve the customers hassle-free from remote areas.

Let’s look at the ways how DaaS helps improve your customer experience.

1. Customer Data Security

Companies face a challenge in building a highly secure server, and sometimes they face data breach problems due to which they lose crucial customer data. Hackers always find ways to steal customer data for their benefit.

Taking DaaS services will never let you down in front of your customers because data is protected under multiple layers of security safeguards, such as Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), DDoS prevention, antivirus management, and end-to-end data encryption.

2. Remote Working 

Another major challenge companies face is that they cannot serve their customers from out-of-office locations, due to which employees miss out on many essential customer queries. This creates a doubt in the customer’s mind about the services of that particular organization.

It is essential to serve your customers, even in a pandemic situation. With DaaS, you get virtual desktops that you can run on your devices from any remote location. So, you will be free to work for your customer without getting bothered by unfavorable conditions.

3. High-Performance Computing   

It has been seen that due to the lack of server performance and the use of outdated hardware devices, employees face a lot of speed or network issues. Due to this, the customers sometimes need to wait for the tasks to get attended.

DaaS providers will offer you virtual desktops created on a High-Performance Computing (HPC) cloud so that you can provide high-speed virtual desktops to your employees. This will allow your employees to give streamlined services to the customers because there are no performance issues.

4. High Uptime 

Sometimes companies face server downtime issues due to any technical glitch, mishap, or a disaster like an earthquake. This leads to poor and interrupted customer service.

The hour’s need is to serve your customer round the clock, even in uncertain conditions. DaaS providers guarantee you an uptime of at least 99.99% so that you can serve your customers 24×7. Your customer will feel satisfied as they can approach you any time, which will lead to their better experience.

5. Regular Backup of Customer Data

Companies face serious trouble when they lose customer data. However, you may lose the data in cases of accidental deletion, technical glitches, or hard drive failures. This becomes difficult for a company to manage and maintain data backup in their on-premise servers.

With DaaS services, your customer data is regularly backed up in high-end data centers. The providers also replicate the data in multiple data centers situated in different locations. Hence, even if you lose data from the current data center due to any mishap or natural disaster, your data already has a back up in another.

6. End-to-End Management

Companies face a lot of problems dealing with daily IT issues. A lot of time is invested and wasted on the same. This hampers employees’ goals of better customer service due to their inability to concentrate on their work.

DaaS providers offer you a team of expert who is present 24×7 for your support. In case of any technical issues, you can easily reach out from phone calls, chats, or emails, and the problem is resolved in the shortest interval. Moreover, the provider’s team manages all the updating of the desktops without discontinuing your work.


The only way to turn a business into a brand is by making its customer happy and satisfied. This is only possible when you fulfill your employees’ resource requirements so that they can deliver the best services to the customers. Leverage the power of DaaS to improve your customer experience.

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