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Are Citrix And VPN The Same? Here’s What You Need to Know

Flexibility and business continuity. Security and backups. Encryption and control. These are some of the top reasons why firms have opted for VPNs.   Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that gives users secure and remote access to a private corporate network. Simply, with VPN, the users can access the shared resources and device by establishing a secure connection on their device. In contrast, Citrix is the VDI product that stands for virtual desktop infrastructure, delivering virtual desktops to users with dedicated resources on their devices.   A lot of companies have incorporated VPNs into the business scene for a few ... Read more

Benefits of DaaS: Why are Managed Desktop as a service Solutions Dominating the SME Market in 2022?

In a world dominated by the hybrid stage, virtualization is the primary driver of digital transformation in enterprises. More and more firms are using or planning to use virtual desktops due to a great number of advantages.  Sooner or later, market watchers anticipate that the DaaS market is going to see healthy growth in the next five years, especially among small-medium enterprises that lack the resources and funds for maintaining backend VDI. Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing offering where the virtual desktops and applications are delivered to end-users and hosted on the provider’s cloud servers. When enterprises ... Read more

Desktop As a Service Pricing: Comparing DaaS Cost for Enhanced Business Environment

There’s no denying that cloud desktop technology has evolved in the last few years. In the coming years, the cloud desktop will be pervasive. Desktop as a service (DaaS) has delivered on-demand access, met workforce needs, and enhanced productivity to the users. DaaS technology brings not only technical innovation but also saves enormous costs for businesses.  The modern workforce needs high performance, security, and compliance to access corporate resources from anywhere and anytime. Hence, moving desktops to the cloud also gives firms access to exceptional enterprise data and insights, along with cost-effectiveness.  Improved Productivity + Cost-Saving + Anywhere Anytime Access= ... Read more

GPU Cloud Solutions: What to Know About Their Benefits?

“GPU as a service market size to record a growth rate of more than 40% up to 2027.”  (Source)  The demand for artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. The adoption of strong computing-intensive technology has become a need of the hour. GPU is a platform that enables computing data without deploying it on local devices. It accelerates computing, deep learning, and data analytical processes.   Graphic processing units have been helping our PC gamers experience high-end performance for a few years. Apart from this, GPUs assist us with complex machine learning and advanced analytics to suit even video editors, developers, ... Read more

Top 5 Hosted Desktop Providers in 2022

Hosted Desktops are powered by cloud technology delivering virtual desktops to the end-users hosted on third-party servers. In layman’s terms, it is a cloud-based infrastructure that enables enterprises to provide virtual desktops to their workforce on any device, from anywhere, at any time.  Often, people get confused between Hosted Desktops and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Simply, VDI is a virtualization process that offers remote access to users with centralized servers. Here in VDI, the data is hosted in-house, not on third-party servers. On the other hand, when we use the provider’s cloud servers and data centers for this process, we ... Read more

How Cloud Hosted Desktop Solves the Challenges Faced by Accounting Firms?

As an accountant, you need the capability to work from different locations — sometimes, it could be from client premises, or it could be from your home office. The capability to work remotely is a critical part of your profession. To enable smooth remote work, you need the right technology in place. And hosted desktop solutions constitute a robust technology solution to create a disruption-free remote work environment.  Hosted desktops are a cloud solution that can transform the way you work by giving you remote access to your desktop via any device. The best part is you can work faster ... Read more

Desktop as a Service: Debunking Myths

The virtualization of desktops is one of the fastest-growing trends. Desktop as a service is the technology that empowers enterprises to migrate VDI workloads to the cloud. Not only does it deliver remote access to the users, but it also allows multiple users to work securely in a dedicated space. In addition to multi-user compatibility, it saves an enormous amount of money on new hardware. As an authorized Citrix partner, Ace Cloud Hosting has delivered secure, scalable, and cost-effective virtual desktop solutions, giving remote access to the business.  These are a few questions that businesses had while going for remote ... Read more

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) vs. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) : Know the Differences

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on workplace culture, many of us have embraced a new way of flexible working. Do you think it is possible to work only from your office desk now?  A recent survey by EY showed that more than 54% of professionals would change their jobs if they were not allowed to work as per their flexibility. Therefore, having access to work resources from anywhere, anytime, is the new need for efficient work from home (WFH) process. When supporting the employees to work from home, DaaS (Desktop as a service) or RDS (Remote ... Read more

What is the difference between XenDesktop and XenApp

Virtualization technologies have proved to be a game-changer for many organizations, with real-time access to their hardware and software resources. This has prompted others to follow in their suit and seek out the right virtualization product for them. Citrix is a top-rated developer and offers multiple virtualization products, of which XenDesktop and XenApp are widely used and accepted worldwide.  Looking for Citrix virtual Apps & Desktop? Contact Ace for the budget friendly desktop virtualization solution.  People often get confused by their names. While both are virtualization products, there are significant differences between them. Let’s have a detailed look at both the ... Read more