Will 2023 Be the Year of DaaS?

The year 2020 made businesses all over the world move to a permanent remote working setup, causing disruptions for the businesses and employees alike. On the one hand, businesses were trying their best to survive in the market. On the other, the employees had their work cut out to meet the deadline while working remotely.

One solution that offered businesses with flexible workspaces and made it possible for them to not only sustain but grow in the market was Desktop as a Service (DaaS). With DaaS, the employees could access virtual desktops from any remote location at any time on their personal PCs, phones, or laptops.

DaaS has come a long way from offering customers remote desktop sessions to VDI-based virtual desktops. However, its importance was never realized more till the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world in 2020. As a result, the end-user spending on DaaS is expected to see an increase of 30% in 2021 (Source: Gartner).

Here are some observations of 2020 that tell us why 2021 will be the year of DaaS.

1. Remote work is the new way of life

Although work-from-home is not an unfamiliar term for companies, it took a new dimension in 2020. From being a convenience for the employees, it became a necessity for the businesses. It took companies quite an effort to implement remote working technologies and policies on a deadline.

However, new-age workspace platforms like DaaS have enabled companies to transition to remote working smoothly. By opting for DaaS, employees can work on flexible virtual desktops from their personal devices like smartphones, tabs, and laptops. Moreover, it does not matter whether you use an Andriod device, iPhone, or a MacBook; the virtual desktops can be accessed on any platform.

The adoption of DaaS by businesses has helped employees work comfortably from their homes, even during the pandemic. It has helped them relieve their stress in the already-stressful time. For organizations, DaaS has ensured business continuity to keep afloat in the market.

According to a Gartner survey, 47% of companies are willing to implement full-time work-from-home, even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have now found a foolproof solution for remote working in DaaS, which they are expected to continue in 2021 as well.

2. Out-of-premise Security is Important

There was never a time when the security of business data was not a concern for businesses. However, 2020 brought a new kind of challenge for them- ensuring secure operations for remote workers. 2020 was the worst year ever in terms of data breaches with over 2935 reported cases (source: Security Magazine). Whether it is users that are still learning the criticality of strong passwords or the hackers learning new tricks and trades, CIOs had their work cut off last year.

In terms of security, Desktop as a Service provided businesses with much-needed aid in 2020. The remote employees got a fully-functional virtual desktop on their end-point devices. This meant that they could continue working without worrying about data loss even if their device got damaged.

Moreover, at the backend, DaaS providers deploy advanced security safeguards like Intrusion Detection, ransomware protection, OS hardening, and end-to-end encryption to ensure safe transmission and data storage.

3. Expenses Are an Eye-opener

It takes time and significant funds to build a robust IT setup for the office with all the office desktops and supporting equipment, such as air conditioning, local servers, cabling, etc. However, during the pandemic, when all the business process was shifted to remote work, the on-premises setup became

unusable. Moreover, businesses were required to provide employees with systems/laptops to work from home.

However, for small businesses struggling to keep afloat in the market, incurring such significant costs was not even an option. DaaS came in as a welcome solution for their remote working requirements. With DaaS, the small businesses’ workforce could access virtual desktops even from the most basic devices such as a thin client or a tab. Hence, businesses did not need to allot office laptops to them.

In 2021 as well, companies are planning to continue with Desktop as a Service as most are planning to move to a full-time work from home model.

4. Relaxed IT Atmosphere

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the business world, the IT department had to bear the brunt. They were given the arduous task of shifting the entire business operations to a remote working model while ensuring the security of the business data. While some were successful, others had to face disruptions.

However, the businesses that chose DaaS got fully managed services from a reputed provider. The DaaS provider takes care of all your IT needs, starting from designing the right desktop environment for your business. Moreover, desktop management, security, application updates, etc., all come under the provider’s responsibilities. Hence, once you onboard the right DaaS provider, all you need to do is pay them, and they will manage the rest.

5. Business Continuity

The top priority of every business across the globe during the last year was the sustainability of their business. However, with limited remote work potential and inflating security issues, business continuity was not that simple.

Businesses that adopted Desktop as a Service could make sure that their processes run optimally. Desktop as a Service providers offer businesses with a multi-redundant and fault-tolerant system. Hence, in case of hardware failure at the backend, you experience no downtime while accessing the virtual desktops. Even if there is a natural calamity such as an earthquake in one of the data centers, the access can be shifted to redundant data centers- a process called disaster recovery.

Businesses planning to run their operations remotely in 2021 see DaaS as the most viable option.

Final Note

2020 was a year of uncertainties for businesses all over the world. While some struggled to keep their foot form in the market, others took the aid to advanced technologies like DaaS. After realizing the benefits of DaaS last year, 2021 is also forecasted to see increased adoption.

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