Desktop as a Service for Tech Industry

Desktop As A Service: Reimagining Workplace In The High Tech Industry


If 2021 was all about surviving the hybrid work pressure, 2022 has been defined by leveraging it and, ultimately, creating a new way of working with modern technology solutions.

But as the workforce gets distributed to work from any location or device, it poses a huge challenge for IT. So, how do firms maintain data security while offering an extraordinary user experience that motivates them to work? The answer lies in Desktop as a service (DAAs) designed to meet hybrid work needs.

Executive Summary

  1. The need to adopt a hybrid work model is expanding at a rapid rate.
  2. IT can get burned out when they manage the whole infrastructure while keeping employees connected to the data and resources they require – without compromising security.
  3. Modern technology solutions such as DaaS solutions address this need — they enable secure access and simplify complex infrastructure management tasks.

DaaS is finally entering the mainstream and can be particularly useful for High-Tech Industry players. However, its real potential is still lying unfathomed. This whitepaper will unlock insights into how the solution is sparking a transformation and enabling industries to reach overarching business benefits.

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