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Key Considerations for Successful Deployment of Linux Hosted Desktops

This whitepaper is for systems administrators who are tired of being left out in the cold when it comes to delivering Linux hosted desktops in a virtual environment. If you know someone searching for a VDI solution that supports Linux, chances are they'll be interested in what we have to say.


Desktop As A Service: Reimagining Workplace in the High-Tech Industry

The demand for hybrid work models is increasing, and DaaS solutions address the IT challenges that come with it by providing secure access and simplifying infrastructure management. DaaS is becoming more widely adopted in the High-Tech Industry, but its full potential has yet to be realized. This whitepaper will explore how DaaS is driving changes and helping industries achieve broader business goals.


Making Sense of Hosted VDI as Business Strategy

Hosted VDI or DaaS is becoming an imperial part of every business strategy as it reduces CapEx costs. This whitepaper sheds light on everything you need to know before deploying Hosted VDI solution for your business. It contains details about all-important features, benefits, and use cases of Hosted Virtual Desktops.


Why VDI Makes Sense In Today’s World

Companies face a major challenge in providing a reliable desktop environment for their remote workforce. VDI addresses this by offering an optimized desktop environment on the cloud. This whitepaper highlights the VDI history, VDI components, its deployment methods, use cases, implementation strategies, and more.


Picking the Right Hosting Provider for Success

This whitepaper offers insights into the critical aspects of cloud-based accounting for accounting professionals and businesses. It discusses the early stages of computer-based accounting and the evolution of accounting in the cloud environment. It digs deep into the benefits of cloud accounting over the on-device software for individuals as well as business firms.



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