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Drive Accounting provides bookkeeping, accounting, and business consultancy services for small to mid-size companies. The company handles QuickBooks tasks for clients from different business fields.


“Issues can occur with any software. It is how you handle them that counts. The support at Ace Cloud has been amazingly responsive and attentive. If there is an issue, we get a phone call or email response immediately.”

Ted Hanna, Operations Manager (Drive Accounting)


  • Clients are situated in various locations and have varied work hours
  • Concerns about security of QuickBooks and its data 
  • The level of access for staff members must be planned and controlled  


  • Customizable control of the access permissions between staff members
  • Remote collaboration with clients and enhanced services 
  • Instant and continuous support for hosting issues  
People with Drive Accounting
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Ace Cloud: Intuit Authorized Strategic Partner

Our partnership with Intuit allows us to offer secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable application hosting solutions that streamline the tax preparation process, giving them more power over operations management and improving efficiency. 


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