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Marbel Conceptz

About Company

Marbel Conceptz is a business management firm located in Beverly Hills CA, USA. The company provides services to the entertainment, music, and visual art industries. Marbel Conceptz enjoys a considerable client base in different locations, including international as well as domestic markets. 


The business management industry is witnessing rapid transformations. Being available for all the clients, at their comfort, without letting the budget loose. We didn’t want a quick-fix solution, but a lasting partner.” 

Maria Belknap, Owner, Marbel Conceptz


  • Freedom to access accounts from anywhere.
  • Support all the clients on a single platform. 
  • Facilitating seamless data/information transfer. 
  • Improve the response time and performance.


  • Switched to Ace’s dedicated hosting service.
  • Windows-based applications installed on the cloud. 
  • Provided Role-specific access to all the parties.
  • 24/7 Expert Support at Ace Lightens the IT Expense Load.
Marbel Conceptz
Uncover how Ace Cloud's virtual desktop solution delivered accuracy in accounting and transaction data to Marbel Conceptz.

Citrix-Authorized Strategic partner Ace Cloud

Our partnership with Citrix allows us to offer secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable virtual desktop solutions that streamline clients’ infrastructure, giving them more power over operations management and improving efficiency.

Ace and Citrix

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Ace Cloud is a renowned cloud service provider, and several industry leaders have acknowledged its meritorious services

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