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  • UsersUsers
  • AppsApps
  • vRAMvRAM
  • vCPUvCPU
  • SAN StorageSAN Storage

  • 389/Mo
  • Users10
  • Apps6
  • vRAM12 GB
  • vCPU4
  • SAN Storage100 GB

  • 199/Mo
  • Users5
  • Apps4
  • vRAM8 GB
  • vCPU4
  • SAN Storage80 GB

  • 132/Mo
  • Users3
  • Apps2
  • vRAM6 GB
  • vCPU2
  • SAN Storage80 GB

  • 99/Mo
  • Users2
  • Apps2
  • vRAM5 GB
  • vCPU2
  • SAN Storage40 GB

  • 75/Mo
  • Users1
  • Apps2
  • vRAM4 GB
  • vCPU2
  • SAN Storage20 GB
With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can host your applications and data on our cloud and let us take care of the rest. We take the responsibility of migrating your data and setting up your business applications on our managed server. Get in touch with our Solutions Consultants to ask for Managed Server Hosting pricing plans tailored to your needs.

Managed Server Hosting Pricing Plan Include:

  • Automated Backup: We offer automated backup solutions for your data over a period of 100 days.
  • BCDR: We implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to ensure total data protection.
  • Uptime: We guarantee an uptime of 99.999 percent to ensue all-time data availability.
  • Always-on Support: We offer round-the-clock support through phone, chat, or mail, even on weekends.
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