What is EDR and Why Your Business Needs Endpoint Detection and Response?

There was a time when having a strong firewall and antivirus was enough protection from dangers lurking on the internet. Alas, those simpler times have passed. Cyberthreats become more advanced and sophisticated with every passing moment. At the same time, our work culture has also changed. Employees are not tied to their desks and office devices anymore.

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Keeping up with changing trends implies that new security technologies must be integrated. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is one such essential cybersecurity tool. This blog tells you about this added layer of defense your business needs. We’ll discuss the a-z of EDR security, so stay till the end. 

What is EDR security? 

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is cybersecurity technology that protects your network by real-time monitoring and collecting endpoint data. It boasts of rules-based automated response and behavior analysis capabilities.

You can think of EDR as an advanced, next-generation avatar of antivirus. While firewalls and traditional antivirus protect your network perimeter and prevent malicious agents from entering, EDR monitors inside the network perimeter. It looks out for any suspicious actors that might have gotten past the first level of security.

These core functions of EDR security will add to your understanding of what the tool does: 

  • Continuously monitor endpoint devices and collect data on any suspicious behavior that could signal a threat.
  • Use artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) capabilities to analyze that data and identify threat patterns.
  • Automatically respond to the identified threats using a rules-based policy. It removes or contains the threat and notifies concerned authorities.
  • Conduct forensic analysis and research the identified threats.

What are the benefits of EDR for your business? 

EDR security solutions are a significant value addition to your cybersecurity infrastructure. Here are a few of its significant benefits:

1. Rapid Threat Detection and Automatic Responses

Time is an essential component in containing a breach and minimizing losses. The longer a malicious agent stays undetected in your system, the more extensive the damage. EDR’s automation capabilities accelerate the detection and response lifecycle.

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2. Simplified Endpoint Management

EDR solutions provide a centralized platform that enhances real-time visibility across all endpoints. This simplifies tracking events on the endpoints or network connections. Cloud-based EDR security makes the physical location of the endpoint device immaterial. Your security team can respond to a breach no matter the device’s location.

3. Cost-Efficiency

EDR processes minimize the workload on your IT team, saving time and resources. Your team no longer needs to manage or oversee multiple endpoints or dashboards manually.  

EDR also reduced endpoint re-imaging costs. What is re-imaging? A system re-image means reinstalling the operating system of your device. It results in the loss of all software and data previously in the system. Once an endpoint is infected, many businesses perform a system re-image. It’s a waste of money and productivity. EDR pinpoints the root cause of the infection and minimizes the re-image.  

Also, the costs involved in integrating an EDR security solution are nothing compared to the cost of a full-scale cyberattack.

4. Proactive Threat Hunting

EDR surpasses traditional antivirus because it doesn’t wait for an alert to crop up and notify of a threat’s existence. This reliance on signature-based alerts is why many security breaches go undetected. A sophisticated EDR system proactively hunts for threats in the network by monitoring for unusual or suspicious behavior across all endpoints. It results in quick investigations and responses, so that attempted attacks do not turn into breaches. 

Relevant use cases of EDR:

1. Hybrid Work and BYOD

The post-pandemic work culture has seen a rapid transformation. Companies of all sizes and industries are adopting hybrid work setups or allowing indefinite remote work. On the one hand, most employees prefer the flexibility of hybrid work and feel more productive due to BYOD policies.

On the other hand, personal devices lack high-level security configurations, have outdated applications, and are possibly shared with users outside the organization.  This increases the risk of data breaches and makes the organization’s network vulnerable. Endpoint detection and response security solutions are best suited for such situations. All devices that have access to the corporate network can be monitored and protected from a single platform.  

2. Ever-Evolving Threat Environment

The proactive threat hunting capability of EDR is the best response to the current cyber threat landscape.  Attacks are more complex, faster, and more subtle than ever before. It’s safe to assume that this development trend will only continue at a rapid pace as technologies develop further. EDR uses AI and ML to proactively search for emerging threats rather than relying on signature-based alerts.  

Your business needs EDR security

A capable EDR solution is your best bet against breaches in the age of personal devices and sophisticated threats. ACE partnered with EDR market leader CrowdStrike to bring you the ultimate security solution for your endpoints. With MITRE ATT&CK-based detection, constant monitoring, enhanced endpoint visibility, and AI-enabled analysis – ensure that your endpoints are protected even when you’re offline!

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