How Can VDI Help Optimize the Performance of Your Business?

Innovation and technology always go hand-in-hand. In the modern era, innovation is mostly witnessed in our lives through creative technological inventions. Be it the invention of tiny communication devices called Smartphone or the advent of high-speed Wi-Fi; these technologies have always led to making our lives better.


But all of the examples that have been mentioned above belong to the B2C community. Whether it’s Uber’s car-sharing platform or AirBnB’s room rent feature, they are ultimately designed while keeping the needs of consumers in mind.

Many skeptics have been complaining that we haven’t come across a ground-breaking technology for quite long that would add significant benefit to the B2B community. To some extent, this complain makes sense. However, the advent of VDI has certainly put a stop to this debate.

High-End Technology Made Easily Accessible

In many ways, VDI has been transforming the way business is conducted all around the world. People now have more avenues for taking their business operations to the next level. Even a few years ago, it was only the game of big companies to implement advanced IT infrastructure into their day-to-day operations.

Millions of dollars are spent each year for the development of software frameworks, available exclusively for Fortune 500 companies. However, the scenario has changed quite dramatically now. In fact, as time passes, small and medium businesses are following the footprints of bigger corporations and willing to bet on technology in order to add scalability to their operations.

This has been made possible mainly because many major technologies such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) are available at affordable rates due to the various cloud service providers in the market offering hosted VDI services to the businesses.

Now that any organization at any part of the world can get access to VDI, how exactly this particular technology can help them grow? Can this technology help these organizations compete in the market?

Multiple Benefits Yielded by VDI

Before verifying whether VDI can improve the functions of a business, we should understand why VDI has been among the most-discussed topics in the global technology community. A number of factors have contributed to the increase in VDI’s popularity.

1. Employee Accessibility at Its Best

This technology allows companies to implement better work-from-home frameworks. Since the employees can log into their business process from any place on the planet, it is easier to monitor the workload.

VDI implements a virtual desktop environment that enables its users to log in to the cloud-based system and get access to remote files and share the same with their peers. This way, all your vital information is shared with the respective stakeholders without the fear of losing valuable data.

2. Best in Class Data Security

The biggest catch of VDI technology is that the entire business process data is stored in the cloud, which prevents any unauthorized access and data breaches. Additionally, with cloud-based infrastructure by their side, organizations can rest assured about the security of their data.

This is because the hosted desktop providers implement multiple security practices and safeguards such as multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS & IPS), and data encryption. The data encryption implemented by the hosted desktop providers ensures that the stored data is accessible and readable only by the users who originally uploaded it and with whom they originally intend to share the information.

In addition, the hosted desktop providers implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan to ensure that the data is backed up in multiple locations and can be recovered even in times of a disaster.

These are the basic ideas on how VDI can assure operational excellence for business organizations. Now let’s look into the detailed analysis of how the particular technology can help companies improve their operational efficiency.

3. VDI Calls for A Distinctive Desktop Experience

With the advent of VDI, the desktop experience is about to witness a tremendous transformation within the next decade. VDI has enabled the environment where a user need not own specific software or hardware infrastructure and yet can work on specialized applications right on their desktop.

This would certainly reduce your expenses without compromising on the quality of work. The productivity of your employees is optimized to an entirely new level.

4. Easy to Operate

Moreover, the hosted virtual desktops can be provisioned instantly. Hence, if there is a requirement to add 100 desktops or delete 20 desktops, it can be done with the click of a button. Contrary to local desktops that require hardware replacement for an upgrade, the hosted desktop can be allotted any system specification. In addition, you can also create various desktop pools, each containing desktops with the same configuration and can install a software simultaneously among all the desktops.

As a result, the businesses don’t require investing a huge amount for the purchase or upgrading of their systems, and still, they can manage to use any of the applications as per their requirement. This lowers their operational expense by a large extent.

What’s better for companies than to get the desired results without investing in expensive inventories?

5. Focus on Better Business Administration

The businesses that use high-end software require advanced hardware for their process. This calls for the employment of an extensive IT team with experts from the industry. The IT team should be available at your service on a 24/7 basis for the resolution of your issues. However, in the case of virtual desktop hosting, the service provider is responsible for providing round-the-clock support.

With your business process hosted on the cloud, you don’t need to worry much about the maintenance of your system. When you have lesser tasks in hand, you can now focus on the most important sections of your business. You can easily act better on your organization’s day-to-day operations rather than spending valuable time on the monitoring of your data migration and security needs.

VDI is here to completely transform your business experience. If implemented properly, your organization shall witness considerable growth in the future.

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