Top Virtual Desktop Solutions For Small Businesses

Continuous evolution in cloud technology has offered businesses new ways of working remotely. One such advancement is virtual desktops offered by cloud providers that help employees work from any location from their personal devices.

The virtual desktop market predicted by Market Research Future (MRFR) is projected to reach USD 25,496 million by 2025.


Not only for large and medium enterprises, but virtual desktop solutions are very beneficial for small businesses due to their cost-efficiency. With so many cloud solutions in the market, selecting the right solution for virtual desktop infrastructure is very important.

Let’s look at the list of top cloud VDI providers offering virtual desktop solutions that you can choose for your virtual desktop requirements.

  • ACE’s Cloud VDI solutions
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • VMware Horizon Cloud
  • Amazon Workspaces
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Red Hat Virtualization

Features Offered By Virtual Desktop Solution Providers

There are a lot of features that providers offer with their virtual desktop solutions. Let’s look at some of them.

Security Policies

You get highly secure virtual desktops as cloud data centers are protected both physically and virtually. Providers offer digital security features like multi-factor authentication, OS patching and hardening, network monitoring, DDoS protection, and many more to keep your data secure. Additionally, you have the freedom to set policies according to your requirements.

Data Backups

You get regular data backup services so that none of your data is lost in case of any mishaps or technical glitches. Virtual Desktop providers backup your data and keep it safe in their data centers for a few days. The number of days depends on the SLA agreement that you will sign with the provider.

Moreover, providers also offer disaster recovery services in which your data is replicated on multiple data centers kept at different locations so that it is easier to restore whenever needed.

Anytime Anywhere Access

The most common feature that every virtual desktop solution provider offers is anywhere and anytime access. You can log in to virtual desktops from any location and the device of your choice, like a laptop, phone, or tablet, offering you mobility at work.

Easy and quick access to virtual desktops increases your productivity. You don’t need to reach the office mandatorily for every meeting, as you can connect virtually and collaborate with the team.

Scalable solutions

Scalability is an excellent feature offered by virtual desktops if you have a variable workforce where the number of employees in your organization keeps changing with time. You can increase or decrease the number of virtual desktops within a few minutes.

Unlike physical desktops, where it takes time and money to raise the desktop configurations, providers offer quick resource optimization by scaling up or down your virtual desktop resources when required.

Managed IT infra

Virtual desktop providers set up and create virtual desktops on their cloud data centers. They do all the installation, deployment, and updating of the virtual desktops on your behalf to save your time.

Providers can also offer you a unified IT management panel to manage all the end-point devices and activate or deactivate any user from a central location. Moreover, many providers offer round-the-clock support to resolve all your IT-related queries and technical glitches.

Flexible Pricing Models

Providers offer flexible monthly or yearly pricing plans, called pay-as-you-go models. This is an excellent option for small and medium businesses as you can save substantial fixed expenses and shift to operational costs. Moreover, providers offer an opt-out facility so that you can easily opt-out whenever dissatisfied.

ACE’s Cloud VDI Solutions

ACE offers three VDI solutions on their cloud infrastructure.

1. Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

In DaaS, ACE offers managed services which can include virtual desktops, installation of operating systems, security policy setup, and licensing involved in the process. You get entirely managed virtual desktops delivered to your personal devices with the configurations of your choice.

2. Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD)

Similar to DaaS, in HVD, ACE offers virtual desktops created on their cloud infrastructure. You simply have to log in with the provided credentials on any personal device. ACE deploys virtual desktops from their nearest data centers for a greater uptime of 99.99% and high speed.

3. Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

WaaS is the complete digitization of the physical office environment in which you get a digital setup for your entire team. In WaaS, you get accumulated services like Linux or Windows installation, business applications, and networking to work in a collaborative environment.

Why Choose Virtual Desktop Solutions By ACE

Some of the many reasons you should opt for ACE for your business are:

  • ACE offers managed virtual desktop solutions where we handle all the IT aspects.
  • You also get round-the-clock support to resolve all technical glitches via chat, phone, and emails.
  • We offer you superior experience with Tier 3+/4 cloud data centers in the best geographical locations like Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas.
  • We offer you high-performance computing servers with SSD storage to have minimal latency.

You can look at our VDI pricing and know more about our plans and features, or you can directly talk to our solutions consultant by clicking the chat button down below.

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