The Subscription Economy and the Impact of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

There is by all accounts nothing certain nowadays, yet one thing we know without a doubt – the (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting the manner in which we work and affect the economy drastically.

In the wake of this reality, capital consumptions (CAPEX), which numerous organizations depend on, are being cut deep down as associations hope to face the hardship by reducing expenses and holding money.

To know more, we, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached out to George Mellor, who is the President & CEO at KloudReadiness & LLC Senior Business Advisor at Thermal Proximity Systems. He has many years of experience in P&L Management, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Effective and accountability in high-profile executive roles, Corporate Strategy and Development Specialist, Strong orientation in business development and operations.

The Subscription Economy and the impact of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

His specialties include Information Technology Channel Services Expertise – having served on several manufacturers’ services councils including Cisco Systems as Executive Partner Council – East and Partner Operations Advisory Board (POAB) later; Lenovo – Services as Advisory Council and Hewlett Packard as Partner Services Advisory Board for a four-year term.
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Here’s what he has to say –

The acceleration of the Subscription Economy and the ability to procure and consume vital technology via the cloud has enabled businesses to transform aging technology infrastructures to remain competitive during these trying times.

Desktop virtualization has been looked upon as a solution for enabling the digital business to work from anywhere at any time, and from any device.

Cloud-delivered Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions help many cope with the business’s growing demands by providing a superior end-user experience that is provisioned utilizing an economically friendly operating expense (OPEX) model.

So, organizations avoid significant capital outlays – while ensuring their employees have an optimized and responsive end-user environment that allows for real-time collaboration and seamless access to their vital applications and data.

All this combined with the ability to provide a centrally managed desktop environment that is secured, protected, backed-up and resilient while lowering the overhead associated with IT management and supporting desktops.

Let us briefly look at these attributes that provide outstanding benefits to today’s digital-first organization.

Cloud Deployed & Subscription-based

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivered via the cloud leverages all the essential elements inherent within and public or private cloud environment.

Specifically, organizations obtain the ease, flexibility, and scalability that the cloud brings to vital desktop application and information services – while organizations can look to leverage a subscription model that allows them to consume and pay for a slice of bread at a time, instead of buying the entire loaf today.

Centrally Managed

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides a centralized management structure that allows administrators to patch, update, and change all virtual desktops from a single pane of glass in an orchestrated fashion. No need to visit multiple units to deploy a fix or upgrade.
The consistency and uniformity of a well-architected and defined VDI environment lower the cost of end-user support. It allows for quicker resolution of issues due to the uniformity of builds based on the use case and user roles.

Secured & Protected

With a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), it is easier for organizations to implement enterprise-strength security. You can quickly deploy end-user authentication, encryption, intrusion detection and response, and ransomware protection.

VDI helps protect an organization’s applications and information. Those elements do not reside on the end user’s device but instead live on hosted servers protected in the cloud utilizing a multi-layered security infrastructure.

Corruption, theft, or other data protection-related issues are easily protected against within a VDI environment.

Backed-up and Resilient

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) services typically provide automated daily backups of all desktop instances. This ensures that organizations’ end users are protected from issues that usually result from having a regimented approach towards backing up traditional desktop environments.

Also, cloud-delivered VDI allows for a natural and extended business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) fabric due to its resilient and highly protected architecture and the abstraction provided between the users’ applications and data and their underlying end-user device of choice.

This makes a cloud-delivered virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) a superior economic, operational, secured, and technical choice if you are looking to give your business an edge.


It is time to leverage the superior capabilities of a cloud-delivered VDI environment. It will allow you to sprint past your competitors or you can use that “Old Playbook” and look to perform yet another expensive and time-consuming desktop refresh that allows you to run in place and not progress.

Give your end-users and your balance sheet a break – it is time to join the Subscription Economy and deploy your desktops via the cloud.

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